[Search] Type username to find EVERY user (also w/o Facebook)

Hi, I've lots of friends using spotify but they are not connected to their facebook profile.

I think it would be awesome if you specify an ID to every listener beside the facebook account. It can be usefull, and also it's easier to add everyone you want even without having their facebook profile.


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated: 2016-09-18


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Updated: 2015-09-22

Update: Apparently you can not easily type the Spotify Username in the search bar anymore.


You have to type in: spotify:user:name

(name = the Spotify username you're looking for).


I will try to find out more about that.

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Hello again.

Sorry but that is not what I meant, I was thinking of giving an ID like usernames, to each person, so I can find them just by searching their username on spotify, but this methode you are saying needs to be connected with my friend thourogh facebook. So this is not useful when trying to connect to other friends than facebook, like other strange members using spotify.


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Actually, they should show up when you type their Spotify username into the search bar (even when they're not your facebook friends). After that you can follow them and they will also show up when you want to share something.


That's not working for you?

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We share different Spotify accounts as a family. My parents are not on Facebook, because of that I am not able to share music with them on Spotify. In opposition to what is written above, I am not able to find their profile in the search bar. Would be great if this feature could be implemented.

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That's interesting. Could you PM me their Spotify usernames / or just reply here with the names if you don't mind - so I can try to find them?

If finding them doesn't work for me either I could escalate it to the staff to check out that issue.




I've just had an email exchange with Spotify on more or less the same issue. If I click on "Find Friends" the only option offered is to connect to Facebook. In other words, I cannot simply look for their Spotify user name. I have been using Spotify (as have some friends) for so long we all signed up way before the whole Facebook linkup.


Other than the "Find Friends" link on the main screen, if I select a track and then select "Share" two options are offered in the resulting dialogue box. They are "POST TO FOLLOWERS" and "SEND TO...". If I select the latter, I am then prompted to enter their user name. As soon as I type a single character in the "Enter a friend's name" box, I get an immediate "Sorry, no results could be found". This happens on both my Mac (running 10.10.5) and my iPad running IOS9.


Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious. 

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Updated: 2015-10-11

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)
As it is right now, you have to type spotify:user:username where "username" is the name you're looking for.

My friend can no longer find my account, she is typing...spotify:user:Virginia09728084, as is my username.. why can she no longer find me? She could yesterday? Please help me with this problem.. thanks!
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I don't have facebook.
Don't want it - don't want them to have my life.

I DO love spotify.
I DO want to share my music with firends I have on Spotify.

Unfortuneately the entire social engine is build on facebook - and it is really clunky and hardly usuable without.

I think Spotify should create their own social connections and not rely on Zuckerberg and co.

Please :)

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Couldn't agree more with what's been said. I don't have a fb account and don't want it, but I love Spotify and want to share songs/artists with friends as well as to check what they're up to music wise, so the friends feed should be available to friends you follow after finding them through Spotify's search bar, not only fb contacts.


Hope you take in consideration our comments. 🙂