Search for a song based on the lyrics so I dont need to remember the artist or song name

Say for example you search for "I've been waiting for this moment for all my life"  it should return phil collins -in the air tonight.


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Marked as new idea: This idea request to type a lyric in the Spotify search bar and get the respective song as a search result. However, you can already do that with a Spotify app called Musixmatch. Just click on "Explore" and type in the lyrics you know. 😉

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No way....thats cool. Thanks.


Agree that this would be useful!


Sometimes if I'm not quick enough to use Shazam because the song is almost over or for whatever other reason, I memorize as many of the lyrics of the song as I can and then type those lyrics into a Google search and 99% of the time can find the exact song I was looking for. Spotify should have a built in search function that allows you to find a song you're looking for by simply entering in lyrics you remember from the song. 


Also @marco I'm definitely checking out Musixmatch so thanks for that suggestion!

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