Search function in BMW Connected Drive

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The new Spotify integration with Connected Drive on BMW works really well! EXCEPT that there is no 'SEARCH' tab so I can only view my saved music and pre-selected genres and playlists. This means you can't search for any artist/album/genre while on the go which limits the usefulness of the app compared with pre-connected drive integration.


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This idea is a no brainer. Beyond frustrating not to be able to search for new songs in my car. Searching and picking the exact song you want to hear is what separates Spotify from Pandora.

 So, do you confirm that so far the SEARCH tab is NOT available in BMW integration?


Thank you for the assistance


@biosdi: No it's not possible to search for anything in the Spotify app using iDrive,


If you want to search for a track, you need to disconnect the phone, search the track using the iPhone app, click play (all of course while stopped and totally not while driving, of course...) and reconnect the phone.


I think BMW should really press this issue with Spotify. Because ConnectedDrive Integration only affects a minority of the forum users, the idea will never be considered by Spotify, if not getting attention from somewhere else.


However, I don't think that BMW actually cares about that - the Connected Drive System has such a bad quality (crahsing and hanging apps...), is far more difficult to use than it should be (unnecessary deep menus, Calendar integration only works if you manually start the Connected Drive app after turning on the car each time, ...). I am really hoping that BMW will consider CarPlay in the feature, So far, it looks like the car manufactures are mostly unable to develop working infotainment systems for their cars on their own...


Deezer has the search function integrated, I'm wondering why Spotify is not implementing it. Maybe it's time to switch back to Deezer, now that they also have introduced familiy plans...


Actually BMW website says search function is available: "From now on, you can also use the app quite conveniently in your BMW and search for your favourite tracks in various ways, such as by categories or genres, artists, titles or albums or also by labels or year of release. Spotify Radio is also available for you in your vehicle."

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Agreed no search is madness.  Deezer (built in Connected Music app) lets you search but doesn't let you access any albums you've added to your favourites, only playlists, equally mad, but it's much quicker and doesn't need phone to be unlocked or BMW connected app to be running because it doesn't require a phone!


I really hope this gets implemented soon, I'm wondering whether it hasn't been implemented due to concerns of a poor user experience, as typing in a car is quite difficult. I still think the usefulness outweighs that though, using the touch controller to write is a pretty quick way of typing anyway!

Search function needs to be implemented asap, Spotify is a hassle to use without it.
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Add me for sure. I'd really like to choose artist, then album.