Select and organize multiple playlists

I am looking for easy ways to organize my library.


I want to do some housekeeping in my library, but I find the current system of dragging and dropping individual playlists is too time consuming when the number of playlists reach this high.


First of all, there should be a way to select multiple playlists at once and be able to handle multiple playlists the same way as I can handle single playlist (ability to drag and drop, and rightclick w/ a special dropdown menu for multiple selected items).

Ctrl-clicking, shift-clicking and shift+arrowkeys would help greatly.

[Edit] This idea is nearing its 2 year anniversary of no official recognition. Good times! 🙂

As a sidenote my Spotify library now consists of 1296 playlists.

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:

Hi there!


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Please feel free to re-post this idea if you still feel you want this implemented. With a little change in presentation, maybe this time it will gain the necessary support from the


A function that allowed users to organise playlists/folders into alphabetical order would be amazing! Just imagine... a simple click of a button and playlists are all sorted - they could be named accordingly. I sort my 1000 playlists into alphabetical, and this is time consuming, and makes me angry at Spotify for not having such a simple feature. 


YES! Please make it possible to organize playlists in alphabetical order or date added or any number of ways, PLEASE!!!!


As the other users have suggested, having all the worlds music available is great but not having a way to sort it all is very inconvenient. Selecting multiple playlists at once by using "shift", sorting alphabetically and by date added would be a really great start. 


Please add this functionality.  It would be great to reduce the labor involved in selecting multiple playlists to delete or move into a folder...


I have 2,000 playlists that I want to completely reorganize. I can't do that one by one. Please incorporate this.


Yes, This seems like a no-brainer to me. It's possible to select multiple tracks within playlists, so why can't we do the same with the playlists themselves. I've got so many playlists, and clicking them one at a time to move or delete them takes a long time. 

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Agreed! I wouldn't think this would be too tough to implement.


Damm people,


Spotify is really pissing me off not doing something about this.


Such a good App but to me its crappy when I have to drag and drop to arrange your playlist, no possibility of selecting multiple playlist to drag to desired position.


Gotta say if this will not be solved soon, its about time to start downloading again and working with ITunes at least they have this simple function.


So Spotify do something about this rquest that a lot of users are requesting.




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I can't beleive such basic organizing functionality is not built by now. This should have been there from the begining. The fact that even now, years later it is still not is completely unacceptable. Doesn't this drive the people who work at Spotify insane too? You would think something would have been done about it by now. Spotify: You are wasting your customer's time with all this needless effort. Let's make some use of that computing power in front of all of us to automate some of this stuff and make people's life's easier, not harder.