Select multiple Sorting Columns at once

Right now if I sort "My Songs" (or any playlist) by artist, the songs are not sorted alphabetical.  What I would love as an option would be to even be able to sort even further. What if I want to sort, by Artist, but then by Album, but then by Song?


A perfectly sorted list.


But this sorting system should be robust enough to even do things like sorting by Artist, then sorting by Added Date. So all the artists are alphabetical, then I can see the newest under each artist that I added.


The current columns are:


Track , Artist ^ , Time , Album , Added , Popularity , User


I added in the UP Arrow in the Artist column. My idea would add a 'chevron' to the columns to indicate they are the second sort. If I clicked on things in this order: Added, then Track, then Album, then Artist. That would produce a sorting of priority of Artist being most important, then Album being the next sort, then Track being sorted for, then finally Added.


The primary sort would be a solid arrow. (the last thing I clicked) Clear to anyone. Most people will use this anyway.

The lesser sorts would be chevrons. With the oldest sort being a single little arrow. Looking like multiple ^ or v. For more picky sorting.


This can be used to nicely sort by artists by albums, or dates, or songs, or discover duplicates.


I have also added in Popularity as I want this option EVERYWHERE as a column. I like to see what other people consider popular sometimes.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated: 2016-05-05


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