Separate Artist with Same Name

Status: Case Closed

Having used Spotify for a while, I think a major improvement would be to implement some form of Artist Splitting where the artist is of the same name. This would greatly improve experience especially as artist radio and related artists would actually be relevant!


Perhaps something like this: (excuse the poor mockup), with a splitter for each artist of the same name, with their albums, related artists etc below?



Hi everyone,

For any metadata-related questions about artists, tracks, albums etc., please check out this link.

I agree, this need to be fixed. I feel sorry for the king of bluegrass Jimmy Martin, who's been bundled together with Luxembourg hard rocker Jimmy Martin:-(

Status changed to: Case Closed

Hi everyone,

For any metadata-related questions about artists, tracks, albums etc., please check out this link.

No entiendo cómo después de todos estos años se sigue mezclando la discografía de artistas diferentes con el mismo nombre. Spotify es para amantes de la música y encontrarte discos de artistas que no te interesan entre la discografía de un artista que sigas no parece propio de una aplicación musical. Hasta he recibido notificaciones de nuevas publicaciones de artistas que sigo que luego el disco no es de ese artista.


Esto para mí es un ERROR, poder leer la biografía de un artista, ver su discografía y encontrarte entre ella discos que no son de ese artista es un ERROR GRAVE. Simplemente la foto de perfil nos puede servir para diferenciar a dos artistas con el mismo nombre, la gente que conoce al artista le basta para identificarlo, también se podría añadir la nacionalidad, aunque esto quizá pueda ser más complejo porque pueden cambiar de país.


Este problema lo he encontrado muchas veces, ahora mismo sólo recuerdo:

  • Deluxe (Xoel López): Deluxe (2014) y Colour (2013) no son discos de ese artista.

Espero se solucione pronto este problema.


PD: Sorry for not write in english, my english is very bad.


I can't believe that Spotify did not start with a unique ID for each individual artist... I mean, how can you start a project like Spotify and NOT THINK about this at the beginning? This is nearly ridiculous...


I have an issue, this is my artist acount that is verified, and another artist's music is on my page..  How do I remove it?






You will need to contact the Spotify artist team for help with this:


The artists with the same name is a big problem. If I have an artist I like and want to follow, save albums and play random songs from those albums I shouldn't have to listen to music from an artist with the same name but that's what happens. I should al least be able to delete those albums.


I listen to a lot of bands with common names, and it's quite problematic for me to get the correct one.
I'm aware there's a form for reporting mixed up artists, but as I see Spotify does get the label information, how about you separate them by that?


Kizufgsfds, I've moved your post over here to have the discussion about that in one place.
Also, you might want to think about artists that change their labels during their career. Some artists have e.g. 2 albums from their 1st label, 3 albums from another and so on. Might get tricky then.


My Question or Issue


As of now, Spotify identifies artists using their name, meaning that artists with the same name are treated as one.

This leads to release playlists having songs from random artists that nobody knows simply because they have the same name as someone else, as well as large artists having these random songs on their page.

This is a basic feature across all platforms to have a unique identifier, and a large platform like Spotify should have implemented this a long time ago.