Separate Artist with Same Name

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Having used Spotify for a while, I think a major improvement would be to implement some form of Artist Splitting where the artist is of the same name. This would greatly improve experience especially as artist radio and related artists would actually be relevant!


Perhaps something like this: (excuse the poor mockup), with a splitter for each artist of the same name, with their albums, related artists etc below?



Hi everyone,

For any metadata-related questions about artists, tracks, albums etc., please check out this link.

I think that better thing would be a new page for artist with same name.

Problem with that HPguru is when you search you will be presented with a list of pages all with the same name, I was trying to keep the search clean by having one page for the name but with the separate arists on it.


I thought about tabs, but that would also be as useless as the search problem, as you won't know which one you have!


The information supplied to the user needs to have an image and a bit of descriptive text at least to identify which artist is which!


They should definitely be on separate pages and some text or fig to make to the user choose the right artist

Perhaps a short artist description and an identifying image could be inserted at the top of the page as tabs to separate out each artist.


Proposed Artists with Tabs


The problem lies is that Spotify doesn't use another kind of identifier than the name iself. For albums, the UPC code is universal across store and service and label, as two products can never have the same number, making a clear distinct. 


 For artists, there is no working identification number right now. To solve this problem, all content aggregators that delivers music to Spotify library must use a standardized unique number for each artist that is identical on all stores. I think there is something like UPC for artists, amg id.


I will get more info later.


I'm suprised that they haven't fixed this yet! It really ruins the artist page.


Imagine your computer not being able to make a difference between assigntment1.doc in your French-curriculum folder and assignment1.doc in your Math folder. It would suck big time, and that's what combined artists pages right now do as well.


Each artist can have his/her own page, they indeed should have their own identifiers (backend/database side). When searching for for example 'York' just display a search results page displaying the various artists, their popularity and some albums. The unique ID for each artist would also enable:

- adding artists to your sidebar

- adding artists to your 'favorite artists'

- fixing the radio issues people are having with weird duplicate artists ruining their listening experience.


Sure, some radio-channels would have to be reset a bit since the database/servers cannot make a difference between the double artists, but that will be fixed over time when the correct data is gathered and used to seed the artists radio channels again.


is wrong. There exists an identification number system for artists, MBIDs from MusicBrainz. Every artist is assigned with a unique identifier.


It's senseless having two or more artists with the same name. This should be solved. There is no sense and it would be really EASY to fix it.


Another example is the group ROME (there's more music listed from the "good one", an in the top hits are just songs from the "not so good one").


This is really a big issue. Artists with same name needs to be separated. Unbelievable that it has not been done so far.