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Separate Artist with Same Name

Status: Case Closed

Having used Spotify for a while, I think a major improvement would be to implement some form of Artist Splitting where the artist is of the same name. This would greatly improve experience especially as artist radio and related artists would actually be relevant!


Perhaps something like this: (excuse the poor mockup), with a splitter for each artist of the same name, with their albums, related artists etc below?



Hi everyone,

For any metadata-related questions about artists, tracks, albums etc., please check out this link.

A coroallary to this issue is when one artist is listed under two names, example: The Prodigy vs Prodigy (Prodigy also being a direct example of this issue, as there are two Prodigy's as well).


It seems this is a very fringe case that could be solved by a manual edit if krikelin's comment above is true. Very frustrating, indeed.

Status changed to: Under Consideration


Hello folks,


We have passed this idea internally and the right team is considering it and thinking on the best way to display it. Check out this thread for next updates. Thanks for the feedback, we really love this and know how important is to listen what you all want. By the way, the mockup is good, thanks for this! 😉


ps: we are also working on the way to report incorrect metadata, so you will also be able to report which artists are duplicated and get them fixed. (idea requested here:


Totally agree on this idea. Right now, that makes my stats and recommends go totally wrong!


Often times when searching for an artist there will be several different artists of the same name clustered under one moniker. The bio will often show the history of one group and not mention the others. There should be a way to accurately post artists that does not overlap artists who share names. Just a suggestion.


I agree, this is really annoying some times. Look at the band "air" for example. 


Yeah. Not good at all. If I want to listen to the danish singer Sebastian or the danish band Garbo, there are at least 4 other bands with that name with all their albums mixed up / "sorted" by year. In many languages. Needs a workaround.


How about just unique artist id's? 

When you click an artist of a track, in the back-office the system shouldn't read the artist_name but the unique_artist_id. When the artist page opens, other artists with similar names can be shown in a small box somewhere...but even this is not very necessary considering you already have what you want. 

I am talking about a scenario where you have found one or more tracks of an artist you want, and want to see the full list of available songs by this artist. 


The ability to report problems in spotify is key to pointing out sorting errors (or artists that weren't sorted at all), but ideally there needs to be a way to make unique artist identifiers.  Not only is it an embarassing bug, but some of them render stations nearly impossible to listen to due to the combinations unless you're able to sit and edit out the artist(s) that doesnt/don't belong.


Like the artist Prince.  Listening to his station brings up a lot of classical music, much of it soundtrack stuff in a classical vein  that has characters who are princes or classical pieces that have the word "prince" in their title.  Surely this sort of stuff could be avoided.  It's so bad, that to listen to Prince I have to either make a playlist or pick a related artist and hope they pick a lot of his music (which usually avoids the stuff that's not really him - now if related artist stations can do this, why can't the *actual* artist stations pull this off?).  Someone earlier mentioned Public Enemy that they wanted bringing up another Public Enemy that's a white supremacist band.  I've listened to hard rock stations that brought up gospel artists. Don't artists or songs also have meta tags of any kind in their codes or coding?  If so, couldn't that be used to help sort?


I'm an artist named Sam Page with two albums on Spotify.  Unfortunately, there is another Sam Page whose (very different) music is lumped in with mine.  This could confuse new fans.  I really hope this gets fixed soon.