Separate Artist with Same Name

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Having used Spotify for a while, I think a major improvement would be to implement some form of Artist Splitting where the artist is of the same name. This would greatly improve experience especially as artist radio and related artists would actually be relevant!


Perhaps something like this: (excuse the poor mockup), with a splitter for each artist of the same name, with their albums, related artists etc below?



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For any metadata-related questions about artists, tracks, albums etc., please check out this link.
neu has already a system in place to differ between bands with identical names.  Spotify could use their database to add the required metadata for this feature. 


(I don't like the "split view" GUI, though, but I guess the usability folks at Spotify would figure out a good way to implement this.)


Oh wait! It seems Spotify have already started splitting artist with identical names.  Thank you Spotify!  Searching for "Grendel" reveals three different bands.  And my favorite (the EBM band) doesn't have albums/tracks from the metal band anymore.


There are still improvements to be made, though.  The related artists column is all wrong: Spotify displays EBM bands as related to the metal band Grendel.  And the metal band is credited for on the "Square Matrix 001" compilation, whereas it should have been the EBM band.


Add Lydia to the list of arists pages to fix.

Camel and Caravan also suffer from having artists with the same name. J.J. Cale suffers from a different problem where his music is split up between JJ Cale and J.J. Cale. Some sort of report system in the program would help immensely.

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Thank you for answering this question!


We have for a long time wanted some sort of artist splitting, so that our catalogue would be a complete and correct list of York releases.


Fingers crossed that Spotify soon will come up with some sort of solution.




York Admin


The Shanks require some splitting as well. We have several albums up and they cross with another Shanks and we are about to list another album


Inside Out needs to be split as well


It has been 2 years since this thread was started, and it is still "UNDER CONSIDERATION".  Isn't 2 years enough time to resolve this issue?  Apple has been able to assign a separate artist ID for artists that have duplicate names, though we had to request it ourselves.  Why can't Spotify do the same?  A contemporary artist's music being combined with a famous artist who is long dead makes it appear as though the younger artist has put out that same music, thus confusing the artist's brand and genre.  Come on Spotify... 2 years is long enough! Please let us know there is a fix in the works that will be implemented ASAP!  


Any news on this?


My artist name is "Mav" but there's at least 3-4 other Mav's out there which release completely different music than I do. Should have chosen a more unique artist name I guess but that's too late now 🙂 (been using it for 15+ years) Would love to get some kind of seperation between these various Mav's as the way it is now I can't promote a spotify page, which I would love to do as I love Spotify and it would be great for my followers/fans.


Thanks in advance!


This has gotten ridiculous with new Android Spotify. There's multiple bands with a name near, "the Blitz." Unfortunately, My "Blitz Redux" playlist needs extra songs on my phone, fine on PC. "Blitz" has 4 different bands confounded on one name. KNOWN ISSUE. I made a playlist to combat this.. Unfortunantely, Spotify is missing rights to many other albums, (Manchester Blitz.) They also feel the need to add to my playlist by force. To their credit, no **bleep** Brazilian or BADDDD 80's Dutch synthpop was played. (BTW, I love 80's synthpop/Italopop but Dutch "Blitz" is a sewer.)  I understand why by business model they need to add to the playlist. It's BULL**bleep** when I created the playlist to exclude bad 80's Dutch synthpop named Blitz, and unknown Hip Hop artists named Blitz and the Brazilian band Eskute Blitz. I can take most other late 70's or early 80's English punk or Oi! bands and play those bands. The selections are always great.  Yet, they feel the need to play 10 marginal UK/Madchester Oi! band Blitz's tracks along with my playlist. Ahhh screw it. **bleep** YOU for messing with my playlist that's caused by your service not being able to distinguish between 4 bands of different eras, countries and genres. (I apoplogize for my profanity.)  Seriously? I put "Blitz Redux" on the speakers whilst trying to unfreeze the rusted up frozen throttle tube of a '78 Vespa that spent 34 years in a garage. I need stress? darn barn find Vespa needs to be on the road in 11 days. Have you even seen steel rusted to aluminum so badly it looks like it was casted that way? 


EDIT: May I add. I put Blitz on to gimme strength. They charge me up. I needed brute muscle power to free this throttle. It was 90f/30c with 90% humidity. I was working and barely able to keep the sweat out of my eyes and working blind half the time. Now I'm dry, in AC, with a beer, (on my PC.) No intrusions to my playlist.