Separate 'Followers' from Friends and Artists

Currently, people you follow lumps your real-life friends with the artists you enjoy. These should be separated out - Following and Followers should strictly be the social aspect of it.


Break the Artists you are following into the Your Music page with an Artists tab.


My reasoning is, when I'm browsing my friends and I want to see who they follow and who is following them and possibly discover another friend to follow or discover a good Tastemaker who puts out great playlists, I don't want to have to dig through their list of Artists. Also, including the two together gets totally overwhelming - if I follow all the artists I'm interesting in, I could easily be 'following' a couple hundred people.


Following an Artist has a different function then following a person. Following an Artist allows me to be notified of when they put out new releases or if they share music or playlists.


Secondly. Some what related, I love the notifcations for when a new song or record is released by an artist I follow. It's a great and easy way to stay on top of music I've already indicated I care about. But for reasons mentioned above, actually 'Following' every single band I care about is a lot of work and a lot of noise in my Following list. It would be great if you gave notifcations to every artists automatically that is already in your saved Your Music section. This is how Rdio handles it and it's really superior. Every couple days the notification icon lights up with a new release from some artist in my collection and oftentimes it's an artist I have listened to a long time ago, but don't really think about so I would definitely miss their release.

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