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The default opened page after running Spotify is the least used or useful for me. I would appreciate very much the possibility to choose another startup page like Your Music Albums or Radio, etc. 

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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I find this extremely annoying. I listen to mostly classical music and don't need ads for hip hop and other music i have zero interest in>

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Adding to the sea of negative feedback about the obnoxious home screen. It's ridiculous that it takes 5 clicks to use the program what it's used for - playing my favorite music. My favorite music is in my playlists, it's not 'chritstian alternate rock' or the latest popsongs from artists singing in my native laguange (I never listen to anything like that, what algorythm recommends these things?!)

If I wanted to share my everything with everyone everywhere I'd make me a facebook account.


I've seen this idea and similar ones being proposed since 2012, but it has never been actually implemeted. Let's hope that it happens now (at the very least on mobile, where you can't make a shortcut to a playlist).

If this one gets shot down again, I'm gonna have to look for a different music player that WAS built to primarily play music.


I searched for this solution as I don't want Spotify to open on a load of X Factor playlists on Spotify Desktop. The same suggestion has been made many times over the past few years but under loads of different threads so the suggestion keeps getting closed down. I'd like one of two solutions:


1. User can select start page in preferences (such as Your Music / Albums or Browse / Discover)


2. Spotify uses same algorithms as used to create Discover / Release Radar to open on playlists that may be of interest to me


Please keep this suggestion alive


This can not be that tough to implement. The start page shows discovery and buzz that is not even close to matching my tastes. Why start every day with a bad user experience?

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I wrote the following and raised it as a suggestion ..... , and then i found that 60 people have already taken the time and trouble to write up their feelings and vote. So I voted for your suggestion as it would solve a lot  - thanks.  I applaud you and would be greatful if Spotify take note of your suggestion ... (and for what its worth here's what i suggested.....


Do your playlists get hidden by the song that your listening too? And why does "Browse" fill 80% of the opening page? We can improve the look and feel of Spotify. You pay for Spotify to listen to the music that you have chosen; that defines you. The welcoming page should be balanced and favour the choices that you and I have made.  


My dream is that when we open Spotify we should see three feaures split evenly-ish.  1. Our playlists, songs & artists (music we have selected and are planning to listen to). 2. Info for the current song (music we are currently listen to). 3. The features that Spotify offers -  browse, radio,  daily mix, new releases. (music that in the future we may choose to explore and listen to)


Reduce the size of browse and bring our playlists to the front.





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Halfway through April now and Spotify continues to ignore us as expected.

Perhaps I should learn programming, figure out what Spotify is written in, reverse engineer it, take out the premium advertisements, socially engineer their appstore accounts and submit it as an official update. **bleep**, even just straight-up breaking the code for the 'For You'-pages would be an imporvement on (paying to be) looking at advertisements.

I'm sure it would take a lot less time than waiting for them give half a **bleep**, much less do something about it.

As an added bonus, I'd take the twenty seconds it takes to actaully add a changelog.


Or maybe I should just go back to pirating. Seems there's no other way to avoid somebody claiming to know what I should listen to. And if it does happen, at least I never paid for the 'priviledge' to be advertised at.




I too find the Browse/For You page utterly offensive. I have no interest in listening to pop artists no matter how much their obscene album covers are shown on them. Get this, it actually makes me want to listen to them less! Imagine that.... Please give us the option to set our own startup page. I have young kids man. I don't want them seeing that kind of stuff when I startup spotify for my family to listen to music. Do it for the children, do it because you have a heart, do it because I pay you money for your services 🙂  

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again, i want an easy access mode on mobile

i use the mobile in the car, and therefore i need to access easier the offline content/saved playlists NOT new songs and ideas, the mobile version should be showing easily all the offline content, to see the online content, it should be a bit harder, thats it.

normally on mobiles we dont want to spend data as well, if at home, i use the desktop version or if i use the mobile then i have the possibility to browse without crashing on the road !!

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Yes please. I'd love to be able to start in the "My music" section and not in the cluttered and slow loading "Home" section. Make this happen! 


When i open the app i have to scroll down three sections of suggested "jump back in" that really just annoys me. Just put the most recent playlist on top instead of trying to sell me some other suggestions. "Jump back in" is just the opposite of what it says, i have to scroll way down to find the playlist i'm looking for. Spotify, you already got my money now act like you need it.