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The default opened page after running Spotify is the least used or useful for me. I would appreciate very much the possibility to choose another startup page like Your Music Albums or Radio, etc. 

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Please, Spotify!  The routing of each login to the "Browse" page of advertisements for pop music is obnoxious.  It is a clear $ grab / advertisement.  Premium users should not be forced to look at this embedded advertisement.  I guess it's the company's perrogative if they want to force the free account users to view advertising with each login.


The people who are least adept at finding, and participating in these online forums are the older users who will agree with this post.  It seems very unlikely that this concern will ever gain 50 "kudos" / year.  These forums are confusing to me as a 30 year old.  My parents wouldn't even try to figure out how to use this.


I doubt this message will be listened to.  I probably just wasted valuable study time writing it.  My solution will be cancellation, and returning to iTunes with my money if this is not addressed in the near future.  Spotify is a good service, but it is not unique.  The market will eventually punish the company for favoring advertisers over users.


You have to navigate a maze of information to get to this suggestion (honestly, there's at least 5 of them for this exact issue). 

I don't want to see Nicky Minaj naked when I start spotify. I don't want to see Justin Bieber's ugly face when I start spotify, I want to see, you know, actual music.


At some point in the near past, the Android app defaulted to the Home screen (it used to always open up to the "Your Library" screen on my phone).  As I don't have an option to not use cellular data other than going to offline mode, and the Home screen just shows "You're offline" when in offline mode, that screen isn't very useful to me as a jumping off point when I'm on the go.  It basically means I have to click a couple more times than I previously had to in order to listen to music on the go.  While I know that a couple extra clicks doesn't seem like a big deal, it's kind of annoying to me since it was fewer clicks before the change.  I love spotify and support it with my money, but I'd love it a little more if I could have a setting to land me on the Your LIbrary screen by default to save myself those clicks.

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i would like to see easy access to playlists when i open the left side menu, it says your library, then giving me lots of options, i just want a simple button taking me to playlists !!!!! 

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Yes please.


Yep. Good Idea.


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Yes Please!!!! Less clicking, more listening!

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This would make my life so much easier. I mostly use spotify offline too so when it starts up to a blank page and tells me i dont have a internet connection its ridiculous. Every time its the same thing, navigating to my playlists which is irritating enough with a single hand with a big phone like mine (S7 Edge) when it could be as simple as tapping the spotify app's icon and boom theres all my playlists within thumb reach.


Im also not sure what happened but when i do have an internet connection, it used to show me my last played playlists, but nowdays it just shows me some random artists and suggestions.


Im extremely confused how its possible that this isnt ALREADY a feature, seems like such a basic thing for an app like this. (Doesnt the desktop version let you choose where you start as well?)


Especially for mobile, trying to navigate the hamburger menu while driving a rocky road is annoying.