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Settings: The option of changing layout colours

New black layout is NOT  working.


It is dark grey on black and it is very difficult to navigate on the page!


Therefore it should be possible for the user to change the colours and layout themselves!

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Generally, the colour for playlist folders should be different from playlists. It's really annoying and difficult to see the difference and makes it very confusing


Just being able to change the green selections for something else would be nice. Don't need WinAmp levels of theming, just a little bit of personalisation. Like this:


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 18.32.53.png


For those of us who hate the deplorable depressing dark UI, or can't even read it because it huts our eyes, here's a solution/workaround: learn to quickly invert your computer screen's colors! I actually really like how this colour inverted display looks!


How to Invert the Colors on Your Windows Computer:
Step 1
Press and hold the “Windows” key. Press and release the “+” key. Release the “Windows” key. This key combination turns on the Windows screen magnifier.

Step 2
Press and hold the “Windows” key. Press and release the “-” key until the screen returns to its normal size.

Step 3
Press "Ctrl-Alt-i" to turn on color inversion.


Inverted songs.jpg