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I tend to organize all music in folders and sub-folders in order to keep my music sorted according to certain characteristics and filters... I haven't found a way to share folders, so I wish I could share not only playlists but playlist folders as well



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Updated on 2018-06-15


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Absolutely, I just wonder why not?


Not applicable

Just wanted to share a folder with a bunch of playlists. So I'm totally pro for this idea.

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Good idea 🙂


(I don't use playlist folders however)

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I think it's something with the backend that needs to be improved prior to apply to this, since the playlist folders is connected to the backend.


However I want a better view in playlist folder!


Absolutely agree!!


I recently split all my playlists and organized them into a couple of folders. Now instead of sharing 10 or 20 playlists I would like my friends to subscribe to just the one or two folders and be in sync with all the plalists in those folders.




Definite +1

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please do this.  sharing folders, it's the logical next step.




I've been waiting for this option since they introduced folders.




Would be a nice time-saver and less cluttery.