Shortcuts to playlists on android home screens

I would like to see the possibility to add shortcuts for specific playlists to the home screen in the Android environment. This is perfect when  driving a car for example, and you need to quickly glance over to start one of your favourite playlists without fiddling too much through the spotify app by browsing among all your playlists.


Actually I can't believe this isn't implemented or even suggested yet when many ordinary music players for Android already has it.



Updated: 2016-03-18

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.


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I'm looking forward to have shorcuts to the playlists too. In the windows phone version of the Spotify this is allready possible.


This is a feature I would love to see too.

That'd be great, I've been looking forward for this for a long time...
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Hoping this gets implemented soon


Just realised how much I want this too!  Actually mainly as Spotify seems to run so awfully for browsing the menu, so it takes ages to launch my Starred playlist.

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Anything that would speecd up starting to play spotify would be great. Bonus option. Shortcut for a offline tracks playlist.

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+1 for this feature

Would love this feature!
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Crap. Googling this feature expecting to find a "how to" page 🙂 Ending up here 😞


+1 on this feature! 😄


It is a road safety matter if you ask me, lives are at stake 😛