Show the original composer in Spotify

I love how much classical music is on spotify, but if I am listening to a piece I have never heard before, I would like the composer information to be displayed somewhere! The artist and composer are not the same. And the album may not have the composer in it either, especially if it is a compilation.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD COMPOSER INFO!!!


Hello folks,


We really understand this could be really frustrating, we´d also love to display the composer information in all the tracks.


The content which is coming from the right holders sometimes shows up the composer info, sometimes not, that is why you find composer info in some tracks and not in all of them. The right holders sometimes prefer to show the artist info instead of the composer. For instance, if they show the composer of a Lady Gaga´s song, the track will not show Lady Gaga´s name, just the composer and the title.


Therefore, we are going to mark this as "Case Closed", I hope you all understand this. We will get back to you as soon as we get news on this matter.


Thanks a lot for your contribution and feedback.



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