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I think that the new "Your Music" feature should be more like the playlists. It is missing one awesome feature, the hole top banner "thing" (the place where the details about who create the playlist, the songs count, songs overall length, album art etc.). Of course info like who created the "Your Music" has no place there but the other stuff and more importantly songs count/length is very useful in my eyes.


I attached a screenshot of the banner "thing" I am referring.


Edit: I just found out that there is a limit to the songs you can add to "Your Music" and it seams it is quite low 10 000. If you want you can give your kudos for removing/improving this limitation here. With this limitation in mind adding the above described feature is very very important since currently there is not built-in way to see how much space of the 10 000 limit you actually occupy. The only way I found out on Windows OS is to select a song in that "Your Music" songs section, then press Ctrl+A (select all), go to a text editor (I use Excel), paste the copied songs (Ctrl+V) and finally scroll to the bottom and check on which row you are (row number = songs count).


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This would be very important, because the offline songs are only limited to 3333... And otherwise you don't know how many songs of the "Your Music library" you already have offline.


very good idea. i searched a long time for this information but don't find anything. every good music-player has info about the library. How much a song was played, how much songs, how much albums in the library, etc....


Hey guys - this seems like a pretty simple request. And as others have pointed out it has signifiance due to the donwload limit imposed (who chose that number). Just chiming in because there seems to be very little feedback from Spotify or assistance from tech support. You guys have a great product/service but if you sit on your laurels someone is going to come along and leave you in the dust. 


I really hope there is a good team at Spotify dedicated to providing the best experience for the desktop users of the service. I currently own an Android phone and I am using the Spotify application. That small application is so much more finished then what we currently have on desktop it is very strange to me.


I really hope the desktop application will get a lot of the features (like "Your Music" artist, albums filtering) in the near future.


@SubzeroSC: Slightly more straightforward workaround for you: rather than copy-paste to Excel, just make a new playlist, ctrl+A, and drag to the new playlist. Then view the song count as well as total length, etc. as usual in the playlist.


Yeah this seems like a super simple implementation. Please do this.




Please do this!


I've been looking up how to count the songs in my library, It counts all the songs in a playlist but not my library I really wanted some sort of count though.



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