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Hey Guys, you really need to add a shuffle radio stations option to your radio. The ability to add artists and then have the radio mix those artists is probably my most used feature in Pandora and it is a black hole in your radio functionality along with not being able to delete any radio stations you add (but that's another topic). This opens up so much more music discovery and breaks up the tedium of just listening to one genre of music play nonstop. I really like your radio for it's song choices but it's so limited right now and just seems like more work than it should be. Please take this seriously or I (and a lot of others) won't be able to do the same for your radio.

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I could not agree more! I thought for sure Spotify would have this option, but if you do, I can't find it ANYWHERE!! I agree with everything the above commenter had to say! Thanks!

This is so true. And because of this I'm sticking to pandora they really need to fix this

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only out there!  I spent I-don't-know-how-long the other day trying to find the feature... It seems like such a basic feature too, doesn't it?


Anyway, please, Spotify, add a "Shuffle Radio Stations" feature.  Thanks!





I completely agree! I am currently on a 1 month Premium trial and because this feature is lacking I will likely not continue my subscription. Can anyone from Spotify comment whether or not this feature is being considered for implementation in the future? It's a great feature that Pandora currently has. I think Spotify is excellent otherwise.


Found this solution somewhere else (because I was looking for this same feature!)...  This sounds like a good work-around:


Just create a playlist with songs you like (all genres you like) and right click on that playlist, then click "Playlist Radio".


Exactly what spaced33 said..I just quit premium pay attention guys 


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I agree! I'm new to Spotify and so far it has not been a good experience. I cannot delete stations that I accidentally added and I can't shuffle the stations. It seems like a simple solution. Why is it taking so long to complete?

Totally agree. Pandora's library isn't as extensive, but I still use it because of the shuffle option...


DITTO!  I'm not switching to Spotify until you can shuffle radio stations.  Otherwise, I spend WAY too much time creating my playlist and trying to figure out what I want to listen to.  That is something I don't want - or have time - to do!  Seems pretty basic to request.