Shuffle Radion Stations

My vote for a shuffle play option for playlists and radio stations.  If you want to compete with Pandora, you must have this option. I'm using your free service right now, but I pay for the premium service from Pandora.  I will not pay for your premium service, nor will I click any of your ads in the free version, until Spotify's many shortcomings are addressed.

Status: Duplicate Idea

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Status changed to: Duplicate Idea

You can use shuffle already for playlists by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

Bringing back the old radio features where you could combine radio stations has been suggested here:

Add your kudos there please! ;)


the shuffle playlist is there, but he is talking about shuffle radio stations. Pandora has this option, and spoitify only allows a user to listen to one radio station at a time. and apparently, not delete a station once it has been added.

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Thanks milod21 for the clarification. I've updated the link to the right original idea. :)