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There's times where it would be nice to just hit play on shuffle for all of the artists I follow, it'd be even easier if there were a default playlist (which can be removed for users who don't want this feature) to be automatically generated and populated when you follow a new artist possibly called "Artists I Follow" or "All Artists I Follow" Instead of having to add individual artists to the playlists.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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YES PLEASE!!! so want this. i get really tired of flipping through my library, especially while driving... because well that can be dangerous. add this for safetys sake! also have this playlist automatically update with artists i follow and delete when i unfollow them.


I like it too, seems so obvious and simple


Yeas. I also  want it. 


@cinteck, I thought about this request and I decided to add support for it (or at least something similar to it) in my Companion For Spotify app that I created.  The feature basically creates a randomized playlist for you based on the artists that you follow (or the artists related to the artists you follow).  This has been a great way for me to have a unique listening experience for artists that I love.  I have discovered some cool deep cuts aned b-sides from artists that I was familiar with, but didn't know the entire catalog. 


A screen shot of the feature is below.  For now, this app is only available for Windows 10 but i intend of porting it to other platforms.  The link for downloading it from the Windows store is below.  Also, if you don't have Windows 10, i have provided a link to our facebook page which you can monitor for notifications when we have a version for other platforms.  I hope this app helps to supplement your Spotify listening experience :)

Download from windows store:

Follow us on facebook:



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@Marco being this was brought up before do you guys at Spotify look at the combined Kudos of the two posts when determining if this should be added?

Hello????? Spotify??? We want and need this, dangerous app on road otherwise!

This post needs your kudos, whomever is reading... I can't believe it isn't default behavior from anyone designing the app. I bought the android version of the Spotify Companion above, and it's just a few minutes old... already so relieved! I needed this, coming from RDIO which of course, did this in spades... until they were bought by Pandora... . Hmm, wonder why?


why would i pay for something that should be there from day one you put it in you got me 

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we need this - so badly, please!