[Smart TV] Radio Option

Status: Case Closed

So as the title says i would like to see a radio option for the smart tv's. I decided i wanted to listen to spotify today on my smart tv and all I could do was listen to my playlists or search for artists. I know smart tv's aren't all that smart but at least with other apps like iheart radio or pandora i can make a radio channel of my choosing. I love spotify and I'm a premium member so i just would like to see more options come to the smart tv.

Updated on 2022-06-22

Hi everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We've been keeping an eye on this submission for an extended period of time, and it doesn't seem this will reach the votes necessary to put it forward for prioritization.  


As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received, so please continue to add your votes and comments here if you still wish to support this idea.


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


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Hey @saved!
Thanks for your constructive feedback.

We normally split those ideas up because on each smart TV there are different operating systems, which leads to different Spotify apps, maintained by different teams within Spotify. You're right that this often leads to ideas been inactive.

I will ask the Spotify staff if we could improve the process somehow and will get back to you. 😉


Hi Marco


I really appreciate your positive response - thank you.


I am hoping that by better system-wide thinking and planning Spotify developers will see that something like this could be added to a list of guidelines for development, in this instance for smart TV apps in general. I strongly believe it would be in Spotify's own best interests and is a much more efficient path for future development.


Thinking ahead means a standard set of requirements would be set prior to any new rollouts, keeping users happy(ish) from the outset rather than coming back to complain that a feature is not available for their specific TV brand while others have it. I hope that makes sense.


I look forward to any update you are able to provide, and I promise not to blame you personally if it's negative. Sorry for harping on - I just want the best for everyone. 🙂




Hi @saved!

Sorry for the long wait, here's a small update for you.
The product owner for Smart TVs of Spotify got back to us, saying they're trying to get all features on every TV and not fragmant the experience.

So that's good news, we're discussing now how to handle all Smart TV requests in the ideas exchange.


Hi @Marco


That's really good news.


I hope this progresses and is successful, in which case we might begin to see a less fragmented approach to other aspects of Spotify where people have requested enhanced features across all platforms. Time will tell.


Thank you so much for your support and for the update. 🙂

Indeed! The reason I use sportify is that it has a radio function, so I can discover new music. It's a REAL letdown that the LG app doesn't have a radio function. Please include that ASAP. Shouldn't be to difficult since the Playstation 4 does have a radio function. That's why I'm using my ps4 now to play Spotify. But I wanna use my tv app instead. Again, Spotify, can u please include radio in your LG-app?!!

Hi @Marco


I guess you don't have any update yet...? I know it's early days.


I only ask because I believe I'm seeing an increasing number of questions about Spotify on a variety of Smart TVs, from people who don't know about this discussion. Some of them might feel a little happier if they did. 🙂




Hey @saved,

sorry for the wait.


We actually agreed on Creating a "Smart TV" label, that will stand for all models and brands out there.

I was trying to get a hold on the admin here to change it, but he's really busy right now.


But we will start to go by that standard soon. 😉




Hi again. Excellent news! I really didn't expect this to turn into something so positive and in such a short time.


It's a shame @dagftw, as the originator of this Topic, hasn't been back to comment. I hope he/she does.


Let's hope the admin can fit this in fairly soon.


Thank you so much for your all your efforts. 🙂



Yes Please! I have a Vizio 32" smart TV and it doesnt even have a "Your Music" section. In order to listen to my saved music, I have to dump everything from "Songs" into a playlist before it'll appear on the Spotify app on my TV.


don't really want to use it if I can't use the radio feature on my smart app.