[Smart TV] Radio Option

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So as the title says i would like to see a radio option for the smart tv's. I decided i wanted to listen to spotify today on my smart tv and all I could do was listen to my playlists or search for artists. I know smart tv's aren't all that smart but at least with other apps like iheart radio or pandora i can make a radio channel of my choosing. I love spotify and I'm a premium member so i just would like to see more options come to the smart tv.

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Currently the app on my Vizio TV is pretty limited. The major downfall in my opinion is the lack of radio stations (created and standard stations). I have this with the Pandora app but I really want to fully switch over to Spotify, but it is little things like this that are making me reluctant!

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Great idea!  The app is kinda dated.  Any word when the Vizio app might see an update?  Also would love to control the new Vizio app to be compatable with "second screen" from my iPhone.  Thx.


I signed-in for a premium account two days ago, only because I liked the radio feature on my TV. Since it's not present in the SmartTV app, it becomes pretty useless to me, so I am thinking about cancelling my subscription.


Maybe if all we users with the same problem cancel our subscriptions at the same time, Spotify will listen to us.


Just an idea...

Unluckily Spotify isn't available on Samsung's 2015 J6250 Smart TV.

I suggest to update the Spotify App on SmartTVs like the LG 55UF7709!

It should include a radio feature.

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this is a must!  so dissapointing that its not there.


listening to the radio is the best spotify feature, but i cant use it on my stereo system.


Its also not possible to remote control it from the smartphone or pc app, another missing feature.

I've given up and no longer mess with the Spotify so at all. When I upgraded my iPhone I kept the old one and use it as a Spotify player through my sound system. I get radio, playlists etc. and the interface is much better...not to mention the sound quality.

thats just sad. 


im running a old smartphone with some speakers in my garage, there this is ok, but for music listening the tv plays over arc to some nice high end equipment.


The sound quality is great, but it justs annoying that i have the radio option in the garage and not in my music room!