[Smart TV] Screensaver

The spotify for TV could have a function to let the black screen.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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+1, especially for anyone with an OLED display.


This should be fairly simple to implement, no? Very strange that people have been asking for this very basic function for years, but Spotify has done nothing yet.


Would love it, even if it just did basic screensaver based on the album art in the playlist.


Yes please, add the screesaver to the spotify Samsung app, as my smart TV doesn't include the image off option.


On Amazon Fire TV, going to the home screen allows the music to continue, but enables the native screen saver to kick in. Only problem is the TV will sleep after 30 min. There are ways around that too with Tasker, some other options; you can search online for them.


It's baffling that this was not implemented in the first place! While I can work around the issue by turning the tv display off, this is tedious as it requires browsing through multiple levels of the menu. Please implement this quality of life feature.




This feature really does need to be added to the tv app. I understand there isn't much graphical power with a smart tv so a nice visualizer isn't going to be possible. All they need to do is change the background color between tracks so it's changing every 4 minutes or so (ideally keep the nice gradient background we currently have, but make it slightly shift or change color. Could even base it off the album artwork color to make it nice).


Come on Spotify lets get it!


Makes sense. Noticing burn in on my whole house music controller. Might have to switch to another streaming service that offers this feature as my controller is going to cost too much to replace! 


+1 to this very usesful idea