[Smart TV] Screensaver

The spotify for TV could have a function to let the black screen.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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This feature really does need to be added to the tv app. I understand there isn't much graphical power with a smart tv so a nice visualizer isn't going to be possible. All they need to do is change the background color between tracks so it's changing every 4 minutes or so (ideally keep the nice gradient background we currently have, but make it slightly shift or change color. Could even base it off the album artwork color to make it nice).


Come on Spotify lets get it!


This feature is absolutely necessary. We need a way to prevent burn-in on televisions because the now playing screen barely changes. My mother was concerned about letting me use Spotify on her smart TV because the pause button on the center of the screen remained there while I listened to a playlist unless I navigated elsewhere. I use Spotify Connect to play music from my laptop on the TV while I do schoolwork in the living room, and that is at least 6 hours where the screen is occupied with almost the same exact image.


Spotify please include a screen saver option! This will prevent tv burn, especially your static white logo on the top right. Your subscribers will thank you. 


Makes sense. Noticing burn in on my whole house music controller. Might have to switch to another streaming service that offers this feature as my controller is going to cost too much to replace! 


+1 to this very usesful idea


Please Spotify, add a screensaver to your nice TV app!  Any kind of screensaver, it doesn't matter, because as it is right now I sadly won't use it... The screen burn-in damage is the kind of risk I dont want to take... My new Samsung TV does have a screensaver but it activates itself after 2 long hours... and there's no way to change this delay... I was so excited to start using Spotify on my new 2017 TV, controlling it from another room with my smartphone, but then I was most surprised and disappointed (and frustrated I must say!) when I found out there was no screensaver option in the app settings... In my book, for now, this Spotify TV app is INCOMPLETE and UNUSABLE for many users just because of this missing screensaver feature... Please Spotify! Please!  (from a music & movie lover)


HI - has there been any progress on incorproating a screen saver for Smart TVs? 

It would be amazing to have something like the iTunes Visualiser !! 


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Just installed a new Samsung UHD 4k TV and like others discovered the Samsung Screensaver feature does not work with Spotify.  I tested Pandora and a very nice screensaver appears after listenng for about 15min. 

Can someonr from Spotify address plans, if any, to resolve this issue? I prefer Spotify over Pandora but will ugarde to Pandora premium instead of Spotify if this issue cannot be resolved on Spotify. 


I just found a temporary solution... I recently got myself a NVIDIA Shield Android TV box (a marvellous device, by the way), and this device has a screensaver feature that is customizable and can be started manually... The NVIDIA Shield is connected to my Samsung 4K TV (its screensaver is sadly activated only after 2 hours... I never saw it, in fact...!).   So, you guessed it, I installed Spotify app on the NVIDIA Shield, and from there I can activate the screensaver manually in the Shield settings without affecting audio output from its Spotify app.  Burn-in risk problem "manually" gone!  But I confess that it's a bit annoying compared to a normal, easily implemented, automatic screensaver that should be built-in in the app...


By the way, I also noticed that this Spotify app on the Shield is almost identical to the one on the Samsung TV Tizen system, except that the background of the screen changes color every time the active album changes (the album artwork at the center of the screen).  BUT... yes there is still a problem... the white Spotify icon in the upper left and the pause icon below the album artwork are still permanent objects on the screen and possibly damaging to it... yep the famously dreaded burn-in risk is still not gone, but we're almost there...! 



In these days with Oled Tvs we really need a screensaver, it's very expensive devices