[Social] Bring back Inbox/Messaging with Notifications

The Inbox/Messaging feature did not get a real shot at even being a feature because Spotify took away notifications for new messages. Give Inbox/Messaging some development so users can continue to privately share songs.

Hey folks, we've come back to update this idea status as 'Case Closed'. The inbox feature was recently deprecated within the Spotify app, a necessary but difficult decision that we made after a lot of careful consideration. This feature had extremely low engagement with users and it took a lot of manpower to keep it going. 

It's still easy to share and chat about music from your Spotify. Check out this FAQ about Sharing Music. We're also currently working on new and improved ways to share music and will take this as feedback into the process. So look out for improvements on our Spotify News blog.
Thanks everyone.

I am thinking of cancelling my subscription because what is that point anymore? The message feature is what differentiated Spotify from any of its competitors.


Just wanted to add my 2-cents so hopefully this feature isn't completely removed, or makes a return. 


For some reason I still currently have an Inbox while my friend does not, not realizing this I shared a playlist with them using the spotify messaging. We then spent a solid 30 minutes trying to figure out where the heck their inbox disappeared to before finally contacting support and discovering that it is being removed. I think this is a terrible idea as its primarilly how I share playlists as I prefer to share them privately. The alternative right now was to send a link via Text Message of the playlist to my friend. The downside to that is it opens in the, sub par web player not the native client. Not at all convenient! 


Please do not get rid of the Inbox/Messaging!

Casual Listener

I agree with mfgioia


This seems like a violation of the terms of service given that there was no formal notification. Considering that I have now lost a good portion of music that I didn't have saved anywhere else, I am at a loss at what I can do to recover this.


I chatted with support and the rep said he would have a "speciality team member" e-mail to see what can be done. I'm hoping they reinstate the service, if only temporarily, to allow me to at least archive the music that I no longer have access to. 


Premium members PAY for Spotify and expect to receive a service in return. Removing functionality is not why I pay a monthly fee. As others have echoed, this makes me seriously considering looking at competitors since there is much less to differentiate Spotify. This sort of change and response seems very user hostile.


I'm seriously considering another music streaming service at the moment. Sharing songs with my friends was my favorite thing about Spotify. 2nd favorite thing was lyrics but that disappeared months ago. What is left that I can't find somewhere else?


The ability to easily share music with friends, and specific songs or playlists with specific people, was what drew me to this app in the first place. I think like most people, I was patiently waiting for the lack of notification to be resolved. Now, with the direct messaging removed entirely, what reason is there to use spotify over google or amazon?


I signed up for Spotify because of the inbox. I had a huge collection that I listened to constantly and it was a great way to share music. Not only am I upset that it's gone but also upset that we got no warning that it would be dismantled. Please bring back this feature!


I totally agree with this. If Spotify put in more work into the development of  the Inbox feature, it would be used more. I really enjoyed sharing music with friends privately and I hope that Spotify brings it back. 


I miss this feature terribly. I also had a few conversaitons, songs, and playlists that I would have liked to at least screenshot or saved before they disappeared. Very sad that some important things are now gone without notice.


We've been sharing playlists for over a year at our church as a part of our weekly services and losing this is a pain in the **bleep**. Please bring back the ability to send a playlist or song to somebody.


Not to mention I like to share music with my wife and family sometimes. Having to publicly post to Facebook is stupid.


Yes! Bring this feature back IMMEDIATELY please, it was one of the BEST features of Spotify. This is how I share music with close friends and my young son.