[Social] Bring back Inbox/Messaging with Notifications

The Inbox/Messaging feature did not get a real shot at even being a feature because Spotify took away notifications for new messages. Give Inbox/Messaging some development so users can continue to privately share songs.

Hey folks, we've come back to update this idea status as 'Case Closed'. The inbox feature was recently deprecated within the Spotify app, a necessary but difficult decision that we made after a lot of careful consideration. This feature had extremely low engagement with users and it took a lot of manpower to keep it going. 

It's still easy to share and chat about music from your Spotify. Check out this FAQ about Sharing Music. We're also currently working on new and improved ways to share music and will take this as feedback into the process. So look out for improvements on our Spotify News blog.
Thanks everyone.

Completely unwarranted action by Spotify here. I'm so disappointed, and am looking to jump ship and take my money with me unless they revert these changes. 


Maybe they'd have notified us if they ever took the time to implement a proper notification system? What kind of big app these days doesn't have such feature? Amateur hour. 


Completely agree with this. 


I have years worth of music shares with my friends, that is now gone in an instant, not allowing any prior notice to archive it, add it to certain playlists and so on! Apart from the tangible material on there which I often referenced, some of it will of course have sentimental value to a lot of users.


This is a clear violation of consumer rights in this instance, and I hope Spotify respond swiftly with reinstation of the service, or clear justification rather than a holding statement saying this was not being used, when it so clearly was.


I would hope that better communication might assist in avoiding these firestorms, but I think the broader issue is the lack of real engagement from those in charge. We lost the notification bell almost a year ago and I still see notifications from that community post come through, and I get no impression that Spotify cares that much about these important features. To then say "few use the inbox" after depreciating the notification system that alerted you to music in the inbox almost feels spiteful and cynical in context. 


I don't know what the best answer here is, but this inbox situation is the first time since I bought a premium membership when Spotify launched in the states that I'm reconsidering my membership. Spotify ultimately owes its userbase nothing beyond the music, but I'd like to believe that the company holds itself to a better standard than that. 

Casual Listener

I agree; feel badly let down by the way these changes have been implemented. 

Casual Listener

I was in the middle of a conversation with someone I always send songs back and forth to. It really is the easiest way to share music with a specific person.

I'm upset that I'm paying for Spotify Premium and features are getting taken away.

Music Fan

I completely agree. This whole debacle has been nothing but a mess, and the continued silence on the matter is not helping, either.


Bring back the inbox/messages!

Casual Listener

I don't understand how this is "Marked as a new idea." It already existed and Spotify took it away. The most frustrating part is all the years worth of messages I've exchanged with my friends about new music is all completely gone. 


I always thought that the great draw to Spotify was the sharing aspect. I've been using Spotify Premium for over 3 years and I shared music all the time. Most importantly to SPECIFIC people. I don't want to share to everyone on Facebook, I don't even use Facebook anymore. Please bring back the functionality to share with other Spotify users. 


This is a terrible upgrade, how do I share my playlists with my friends and not post it to my followers? It is a pain to copy the link and message it out. 


Huge mistake!!! This is one of the main reasons I like Spotify. Bring it back!!!


I am so so heartbroken by this dumb change Spotify is making. The messaging option in Spotify is my LIFE and one of the most important methods of communication between me and my loved ones and best friends. My emotions are best translated in song and our message feeds are a conversation of how we feel about eachother in the best medium, MUSIC!! PLEASE SPOTIFY. PLEASE BRING BACK MY MESSAGE FEED. I feel like I'm losing a limb and my agency is being taken away. OH MY GOD PLEASE SPOTIFY. I cherished my messages so much, and I have written heartfelt letters to people on that platform that now I can no longer retrieve. Please Please Pleaseeee. I've never been this desperate in my entire life.