[Social] Bring back Inbox/Messaging with Notifications

The Inbox/Messaging feature did not get a real shot at even being a feature because Spotify took away notifications for new messages. Give Inbox/Messaging some development so users can continue to privately share songs.

Hey folks, we've come back to update this idea status as 'Case Closed'. The inbox feature was recently deprecated within the Spotify app, a necessary but difficult decision that we made after a lot of careful consideration. This feature had extremely low engagement with users and it took a lot of manpower to keep it going. 

It's still easy to share and chat about music from your Spotify. Check out this FAQ about Sharing Music. We're also currently working on new and improved ways to share music and will take this as feedback into the process. So look out for improvements on our Spotify News blog.
As it's case closed comments won't be available here, but you can discuss this and leave feedback in this thread here. Thanks everyone.
Hi Spotify, I think the app could take advantage of a unique social opportunity presented by the digital platform. In the physical world, it's easy to create a CD playlist and hand it to your friend. I think Spotify should digitize this: there should be a function for creating a playlist and sending it to someone, rather than changing the privacy setting on a playlist to public. It would introduce a social aspect to Spotify, in which you can share music or playlists directly to friends (accounts). As an example, one could create a plays list for a friend, and then send that friend the playlist, where it would appear in an inbox. This would add a new social feature to Spotify, where friends can send and share music from a direct user-to-user interface. This makes sharing music and playlists more personal and directed than merely making a playlist collaborative. The playlists could be set by the sender who could control the receivers ability to add/modify the tracks in the playlist. Essentially, it would introduce a more social and personal aspect to Spotify and provide a new, more direct way to connect users through music.