[Social] Bring back Inbox/Messaging with Notifications

The Inbox/Messaging feature did not get a real shot at even being a feature because Spotify took away notifications for new messages. Give Inbox/Messaging some development so users can continue to privately share songs.

Hey folks, we've come back to update this idea status as 'Case Closed'. The inbox feature was recently deprecated within the Spotify app, a necessary but difficult decision that we made after a lot of careful consideration. This feature had extremely low engagement with users and it took a lot of manpower to keep it going. 

It's still easy to share and chat about music from your Spotify. Check out this FAQ about Sharing Music. We're also currently working on new and improved ways to share music and will take this as feedback into the process. So look out for improvements on our Spotify News blog.
As it's case closed comments won't be available here, but you can discuss this and leave feedback in this thread here. Thanks everyone.

I want an answer from the development team on why they removed this feature.


For me and it seems to many others as well, this was a ridiculous misstep on behalf of the development team. I connect with several friends who live far away through sharing music and we used Spotify to share songs and playlists very often. With the frequency that I'm sending these messages, it would clog up my social media with posts to everyone that is intended for individuals. Right now it makes no sense why this needed to be removed.

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I absolutely agree with this. This was one of the best features on Spotify and one of the reasons I have stayed a loyal customer. Bring back the inbox function and make it better by allowing the user to see sent items in the inbox also.


 I think that the messaging and inbox funtionality of Spotify was a great application was very upset when I went to send someone a song yesterday and was unable to do it becuase messaging has been removed from the service. I am a premium customer, along with my whole family, and am extremely against the removal. I had shared songs from many of my old friends on those chats and I am now unable to recover them. Please bring back messaging and also the old shared songs and conversations that were removed without warning.


Ack! The inbox/messaging feature is something I used a lot! Please bring it back!!!!


Hi Spotify,


I second many of the comments above, very disappointed to find this feature has been removed, along with the record of songs I have previously shared with friends. It's unfortunate you now have to share music through a social media platform, as it's probable that not all your suscribers will be regular users of social media, therefore reducing the accessibility of this feature to all users. This also adds another 'step' to the sharing process. I personally will be much less likely to use it and more likely to share music via another platform. 




Dang this really sucks spotify, was one of my favorite features of your service and you took it away. Not because theres a better user experience option, but because you want your users to do your marketing for you ;( SAD! 


One of my favorite parts of Spotify was being able to send songs or share playlists with individuals, and containing it within Spotify. I don't want to share songs to social media. I'm turned away from using Spotify without this feature. I'm curious as to why it was removed -- how much tech did it take to simply maintain this feature?

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I'm also frustrated by this. I only cottoned onto the change once I had right clicked to share a song with a friend of mine, and there was no longer a "Send To" tab, only a "Post to followers" tab. My spotify hasn't updated yet, so I still have the inbox/messages icon at the top, but a friend of mine has had their Spotify updated, and has no messages/inbox icon, and no list of friends on the right hand side. The fact you HAVE to share music with friends via a Social Media Application I find extremely annoying and restrictive. It traps the user into using your software in a very specific way, a public way, and makes it increasingly off putting as a digital music service. Alot of your users still just want to listen to music on a device without sharing it on social media, and share new songs or content with other users of Spotify on their friends list. I have the Free download and thought it was yet another feature being added to premium and taken away from free subscribers, but it seems not. If this decision to remove this function is ever reversed, could i also ask that it is added back to both premium and free downloads/subscriptions of your software?
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Casual Listener

Please bring the inbox and sharing feature back, clearly there were many active people using it often and taking it away (with no warning, and deleting all our content) was a decision that completely disregarded us paying customers. There must be a solution such a large company can handle to continue letting its paying customers privately share songs, which was one of the best features about Spotify and set it apart from the competition. Disappointing.