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Just imagine a situation:

You are sitting in the bus. And listening to your favourite music on headphones. When you notice a cute person who is sitting in the bus too, and really enjoying the music, while shaking head with the beat. So curious.. WHAT SHE/HE IS LISTENING TO?!
How to know that? You take your phone from your pocket and open spotify app. There you see everyperson in 50m radius who is using Spotify and shares their music. And you see that she is listening for A-HA - TAKE ON MEE!. You connect to her music and listen to this song also. And when the bus stops, you leave it and say to her/him: ARE YOU PLANNING TO GO TO A-HA CONCERT THIS SUMMER? I LOVE THIS SONG TOO.
And you live happily ever after ❤️
THE END (Or maybe just a beginning 🙂

So, the thing is : a possibility to look for surrounding spotify users and see what they are listening. A possibility to connect to their song. A possibility to turn ON or turn OFF music sharing (maybe you would like a private moment, and dont want to see everyone listening for your "shame songs" haha!

I personally really really often pass a person with headphones and am very very curious, what they are listening to that moment.


Arturas from Lithuania

Updated on 2019-09-18

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We really love the discussion around this idea, but we're going to close it. There are a ton of ways to share what you're listening to from within the app. To check out how to show your friends what you're listening to check out this page.


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I always wonder what other people around me listening to, especially on train or bus.

It could be a nice idea to be able to share what you are listening to anonymously or publicly to the people around you.

I know it requires new permission for location but it could provide a good user experience feature.

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Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

I prepared posting a comparable idea a few weeks ago and as I now see yours I hope it's okay if I add it here.


The concept I had in mind was some kind of radar as we already know from various dating apps.

If you opt into this feature you on one side share what you are listening to live to people around you. This is anonymous at first.

On the other hand, you get access so the radar. There you'll see broadcast in a small radius around you.

When clicking a certain broadcast you tune into there live. You stick with the person and continue to listen to his or her music. You are able to skip or pause, but this would end the live session and disconnect your session.


The more general idea behind this is to bring people together. Imagine you getting news from Spotify that 3 people just joined your session. You are now open to start a room and allow them talking to you. You all could chat, talk about the music you are listening too or maybe even checkout where you all are right now.

This would allow people with a shared Interest in music to get to know each other while also presenting their favorites to people that don't know.


Sure, this idea is a little bigger, but I am sure it would bring a huge benefit to all users and also build an even better bond between us users. Entire communities could arises from this feature and people could even share their live sessions independent from their location.


I would really love this feature and I know this is uncommon but also offer to join this endeavor as a third party stakeholder and developer to realize this.

If somebody is willing to exchange more about this idea, as I was not able to put all that's in my head about this in here, feel free to get in touch.




This is a good idea. I hope you resubmit it. I can't see, where to vote for it, right now.


This feature would be very nice. Fits a proven trend of connecting with immediate people -- this would be a phenomenal addition! Please, spotify...


Definitely where the spirit of time is headed to --> to be swiftly integrated with dating apps


I've voted for this because i think it's a good idea. Say you're queueing up at a gig for your favourite band. Everyones listening to their own music and although the option is there just by adding someone, it could work like snapchat where it shows on a map where they are and what their current song is. (obviously with the ability to set public or private/friends only etc.) There was an option for this on MSN messenger years ago. Where it would show the current playing song in someones status message. Not sure why this isn't already implemented as the ability and software code is already there to support it. 


that would be awesome but also u should have a button in the social settings if u don't want anyone to see


would love to see this. 


Really cool with Spotify Business? 

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