Just imagine a situation:

You are sitting in the bus. And listening to your favourite music on headphones. When you notice a cute person who is sitting in the bus too, and really enjoying the music, while shaking head with the beat. So curious.. WHAT SHE/HE IS LISTENING TO?!
How to know that? You take your phone from your pocket and open spotify app. There you see everyperson in 50m radius who is using Spotify and shares their music. And you see that she is listening for A-HA - TAKE ON MEE!. You connect to her music and listen to this song also. And when the bus stops, you leave it and say to her/him: ARE YOU PLANNING TO GO TO A-HA CONCERT THIS SUMMER? I LOVE THIS SONG TOO.
And you live happily ever after ❤️
THE END (Or maybe just a beginning 🙂

So, the thing is : a possibility to look for surrounding spotify users and see what they are listening. A possibility to connect to their song. A possibility to turn ON or turn OFF music sharing (maybe you would like a private moment, and dont want to see everyone listening for your "shame songs" haha!

I personally really really often pass a person with headphones and am very very curious, what they are listening to that moment.


Arturas from Lithuania

Updated on 2019-09-18

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We really love the discussion around this idea, but we're going to close it. There are a ton of ways to share what you're listening to from within the app. To check out how to show your friends what you're listening to check out this page.


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Probably this feature if added should automatically be OFF at all times unless switched ON by the user. A problem with this is that:

  1. this feature requires the user to be online
  2. have GPS on which requires Spotify to be linked to a satellite 24/7
  3. Spotify has to have a way to list the people listening to their songs and must be able to actively take the name off the list on-demand.


While some people won't have a problem with having their mobile data on at all times with GPS, it heats up the phone and increases battery usage. I don't think Spotify wants to have a misrepresentated image of heating up phones because even if it is the users that control this feature, it is the company's product and their design and they should foresee the possible user problems before establishing a feature.


I think this is a great idea!


Great idea! Would love to sit in the bus or train and just listen to what someone around is listening to. 

Casual Listener

Could be good if it didn't share profiles. Simply a "Listen nearby"


Thats a absolute no-go for me. The only circumstance under which this would be acceptable is, if this was disabled by default and you would have to enable it.

Otherwise in regard to european privacy law this would most likely be deemed illegal anyways.



I agree with you. The feature can be enabled or disabled, and privacy laws could prevent this. 


This could be expanded to include listening history, as well as what your queue is, and what your listening to (like album/playlist or whatever)

as far as the proposed on/off toggle - that is a must. Personally I would prefer an option in settings to toggle the feature off altogether if I don’t want it, which would remove all of the ui for the feature from the app (kinda like when you turn off apples ads for Apple Music in iTunes)

when it is on, you can toggle it on or off from the now playing menu.

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Rock Star 17

I think the overall 'listen nearby' idea is nice. However, I wouldn't really want to make my profile detectable.

I also suppose it's more useful for mobile client users, because most desktop client users don't really move around with their computers that much. My laptop has been sitting in the same place for almost a decade... and I live in the middle of nowhere. 🙂


I am not sure if laws of privacy in different countries would make it a very easily implementable feature, though.


oh my gosh this sounds like an amazing idea,, i hope it comes to spotify in the future

Casual Listener

Major privacy issue with this.