Just imagine a situation:

You are sitting in the bus. And listening to your favourite music on headphones. When you notice a cute person who is sitting in the bus too, and really enjoying the music, while shaking head with the beat. So curious.. WHAT SHE/HE IS LISTENING TO?!
How to know that? You take your phone from your pocket and open spotify app. There you see everyperson in 50m radius who is using Spotify and shares their music. And you see that she is listening for A-HA - TAKE ON MEE!. You connect to her music and listen to this song also. And when the bus stops, you leave it and say to her/him: ARE YOU PLANNING TO GO TO A-HA CONCERT THIS SUMMER? I LOVE THIS SONG TOO.
And you live happily ever after <3
THE END (Or maybe just a beginning :)

So, the thing is : a possibility to look for surrounding spotify users and see what they are listening. A possibility to connect to their song. A possibility to turn ON or turn OFF music sharing (maybe you would like a private moment, and dont want to see everyone listening for your "shame songs" haha!

I personally really really often pass a person with headphones and am very very curious, what they are listening to that moment.


Arturas from Lithuania

Updated on 2019-09-18

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We really love the discussion around this idea, but we're going to close it. There are a ton of ways to share what you're listening to from within the app. To check out how to show your friends what you're listening to check out this page.


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The feature can be completely anonymous and not giving any info to who is listening. 

Imagine you are travelling in a new country and then you harvest while walking around the music that everybody is listening to. 

In my travelling I discovered so much new music just overhearing music from bars and shops. This magnifies the experience, I would love a fature like that





Personnaly, i finds this pretty cool like feature, but its will deal with some power-comsuption and privacy... Also, i think its not cool because, if you don't want anyone to listen with you, its akward. I would not recommend personnaly. (or that is a feature that you need to turn on yourself and not automaticly)


This is a nice thought, but it seems very invasive to me - I'd rather not other users be able to snoop on my listening habits without my consent.


If you implement this feature, please also provide users an option to opt-out for the sake of personal privacy.


I'm all for it provided it is something you can turn off if you don't feel like letting other people hear what you're listening to.

Music Fan

If this ever gets implemented, it has to be an opt-in feature. I’ve not seen such a privacy violation implemented ever in any application I’ve used. This would require constant network beacon functions, with open ports in the device or location access and server side functionality. Gladly at least the user can block location access in their device and mask network location for the app with VPNs and Tor.


But the opt-in for this kind of sharing feature would be necessary. In another words: If the feature becomes opt-out, many bugs related to clients who automatically block location and/or radio access by default, will definitely be introduced. And many people will probably then wonder: “Why my battery is dead by now, it used to hold charge longer”.


I thought about this too! It would be really nice to discover new music, new people maybe, through sharing what you are currently listening to. I have to agree though, there should be a very user friendly limitation applied to at which degree you share personal information to a complete stranger: being an opt-in and not an opt-out feature, the possibility to block others and appear as anonymous.


The only drawback I can think of, if you are like me and sometimes listen to the same song or genre over and over again, it could be a very dangerous tracking device for malicious intents. For example, me being currently obsessed with a certain song I listen each and every morning I go to work and a person who travels with me in the same public transportation can easily recognize me if they wanted to, by tracking my listening pattern and travel schedule even if I go by an anonymous user. I don't know, maybe I am too paranoid.


But an alternative I can think of is creating Music Hotspots where people can "leave" one song they recommend to others (like a Pokemon GO gym lol) for a period of time, and by coming close to that spot you can immediately see what other people "left" there and download a playlist based on that location, maybe update said playlist if you come by the hotspot again some time later too.


Do you mean sort of like the Facebook nearby feature? I don't know how this would work privacy wise- unless you can just see tracks of people nearby without usernames. Or maybe an opt-in feature if usernames are going to appear.


Seems like a way to get yelled at for being a stalker

Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

First you need to ask this person for permission, then we're talking. 


Uhhh no.  You're a freaking stalker.