[Social] Connect with Playlist's Followers (e.g. Group chat in Playlists)

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It's flattering to have quite a few followers for one of my playlists but it's largely fustrating in that there's no way to interact with them. No way for me to find out what might they want to listen to. No way to connect or know who they are. It's really nothing more than a number at this point.


What's Spotify's plans to improve this? It's been about two years since they removed features like sorting playlists by number of followers, which indicates to me that Spotify has possibly lost interest in improving community sharing features.


So, what's the deal? Thanks.




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Yeah ... i always tought the same...Spotify please, do somenthing!











Thanks for all the kudos folks. I did bring this up a couple of years ago when they removed some of the social features in the way you can find and sort through Playlists. I was never able to find a reason why this wasn't a focus for Spotify.


It's just odd that you would bother to have the ability to shared playlists AND get notifications that someone is following you or your playlist, but then there's nothing else there do anything interesting with that. It just seems like an unfinished set of features.





For example, once you have 99 notifications accumulated, anyone else past that is gone forever. No way to connect to any of these people once they become the 100th notification. 


It would be nice to be able to connect with the 17k followers, but as it is right now, it's just a number. 


Of course, other than that, Spotify is pretty awesome. But that's a pretty big missing piece and no official communication about it? 


I agree,

having a way to interact with your followers would be super cool, and create a lot of interaction among users!


Is there any Spotify community evangelists here that can shed some light on this topic? I know new ideas are really hard to consider but why bother having a forum for new ideas if no one seems to be keeping track or at least engaging their users on this. Maybe my expectations are too high.

The other thing that's odd is that you can post to Facebook, but you can't post to a Facebook you can even use an existing relationship to connect with people about the music.

This is my biggest disappointment of your service, Spotify. I LOVE the fact that I can save my music, create playlists, and have followers to those playlists. But how do I know WHO is following my playlist? For example I have a collaborative playlist with ~35 followers, all of which are my friends (which for some reason cannot be made public), which I would like to like to invite more people to in order to see what everyone is listening to, etc. How am I supposed to know who to invite? Why can't I just take a look at who's following it? 


I mean one of the biggest parts of the service is SOCIAL All of my friends talk about this, but I don't even think they know spotify community forums exist, and I'm sure they wouldn't get on here even if they did.


Needs to happen for sure, y'all.


The social aspects of this service are aggrevatingly limited.  I would like to see who is following my lists, be able to invite others to my playlists, and have some way for us to interact/leave feedback/etc. about them.  Even if the comments were limited to 140 characters or something would be fine.  The way things are now are so painfully restrictive and really worthless IMO.


The incentives to keep us users producing and maintaining quality playlists and attracting (and keeping) followers are disappearing one by one. I am not going to speculate into the reasons Spotify may or may not have for removing these, but I do hope you consider bringing some back.
As an active user with many followers and many playlists, I currently feel completely disconnected from my followers, and the drive to login to Spotify daily to see updates and discover new treasures is gone. 

I find myself not opening Spotify for browsing anymore, merely listening to my old playlists. This saddens me, and as my use is diminishing, as is my incentive to keep paying.


Please, you have to let us have some features left that keeps us on our heels, opening and using Spotify actively every day, trying to get new followers through the upkeep of our many playlists, promoting new music and trends, helping Spotify grow through our use, and catering to our eager to discover - not through robots and algorithms, but through contact with real people and happy followers.

Think about it - us active users are good for Spotify's promotion, and keeping us happy keeps you happy.


Lets all stay happy! Bring back the features us users are asking for, and/or add new features to bring us back in contact with our followers and the music we are looking for.

We need more than the music you provide us through algorithms, marketing and promotions.


We want social interaction! Don't take that all away!

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