[Social] Listenalike but for friends!

It's fun to find out how closely your music taste matches up with celebs' but even cooler to be able to to see how you match up with people you know! It can be another pop-cultural way people figure out how compatible/in tune they are with each other.


Listen Alike for those who haven't tried it:  https://listenalike.withspotify.com/#carousel

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You might like https://tunemeet.com/ it's a website where you can get matched and chat with people who are listening to the same songs as you!

Music Fan

This was cool! Didn’t know it existed. 

Music Fan

I tried Tunemeet, but it won’t load anything and doesn’t look like it’s trying. 


Try https://musicmatch.space, it lets you link your spotify and send a url to people to compare your music taste

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Casual Listener

Yeah! I completely support this idea, I wanted it too. Also as a complementary thing I'd like that whenever a friend shares you their playlist, there's a filter for two things: you can see which songs they listen the most and which ones make more match according to what you listen. Please 🙂

Casual Listener

Your ideas for playlist sorting are so good


Or if you use celebs, swap them out once in a while. 😄


I made something like this:



It compares liked songs and other users/playlists


Though I can see my friends listening activity and their public playlists, I think it would be super cool to be able to see what songs and artists you have in common!


A cool feature could be that when you go to your friend's profile it tells you "[friend]  also listens to [artist]" or "here are the artists you and [friend] have in common". Another way this could be done is by going to a song, artist, or album, and it could say "[friend] also likes this song/artist/album". 


I think this would be a really cool way to connect with your friends, without having to snoop through their playlists. Please vote if you like this idea!!