[Social] Matching people based on your own music taste: Datefy

We need no words, when music sounds: Datefy


Magical relationships begin when you truly vibe with someone, and one of the best ways to know if this is gonna happen is through music taste. It would be awesome if Spotify makes this possible, by matching people with shared music taste and location.


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I think you could really be on to something BIG here! Nice idea !  It can be like tinder. Tinder's fairly safe and it's popular at least to my knowledge.  I know spotify and tinder already have a business relationship.  Much more can be added somehow on this some how some way.

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Updated on 2019-03-31

Hey folks,


Thanks for your idea! I've got some good news for you - Spotify's already partnered with Tinder to show your fave artists and genres under your profile in-app, just head over to Edit Profile in Tinder > CONNECT SPOTIFY  There's some more info over here.