[Social] Mode to Generate Playlists Based on Live Listening Patterns

Personally I am a solitary man. Sometimes so megalomaniac that feel I am God thinking of the Universe, others just only a depressed guy.

In the outdated AM/FM Radio era in the 90’s I was an elven years old child and listening a radio station felt like my brainwaves get entangled with the rest of the audience. So I didn’t like commercial stations, cause felt drowned by the crowd.


I want to feel unique in the world, I like to listen music that is "abandoned" or forgotten. Guess there are many people that have same feeling. Call it Fake nostalgia. I like to think that I am the only person listening a piece of music that none else is listening.


The theory says that people don´t like loneliness, unless you sell them the idea of uniqueness, which makes them feel special (Remember me? I AM GOD!!! HAHAHA)


In the other side there is the crowd that want to feel being in an eternal party, listening the same music that million others at same time, in different parts of the world.


So, based in last affirmations, I would like to suggest two kind of playlists whith opposite targets and promote them in a special way that may generate tons of new fans to Spotify.


First, my favorite personal wish: MY OWN DESERT PLACE

This is just an automatic Playlist, based in my favorite genres, that takes me to relatively popular music that in real time is being listened by none or only a few people, the amount will be adjusted by the user.
This option would have use an optional use of an anonymous chat with this other listeners.

Second, may be the most popular for users and complexly enough to be loved by Spotify Telemarketing crew: JOIN MY PARTY
Given the failure of podcast inclusion in the platform suggest next idea:

Taking support from the social network engine of Spotify, with some modifications to make a Twitter and Facebook like interaction, premium users may create playlists and invite to their friends (even non Spotify Users) to assemble a Party playlist, which is ideal for joining to remote or virtual parties.


Spotify can create temporary guest tokens from Facebook or sell them for join to a party if you are not a Spotify User.


Previous to this should be an app developed for Facebook to propose and vote items in the playlist.


The voting system will be based giving the punctuation equivalent to the percentage of the position of each song in the playlist (a hundred songs playlist first has 100% and last has 1%)


Suggest this playlist will have only 5 options to be played by:
1- Standard (Artist, Album, Random)
2- Genre
3- Voted (by de guests)
         a. More to less votes
          b. Less to More votes
4- Popularity in Spotify
          a. More to less votes
          b. Less to More votes
5- Live voting

Other function in this modality may be that owner of playlist can delegate a Host, administrator, animator, narrator or DJ who will may even act as an old fashion broadcaster, with sub functions like present battles of songs and invite to vote in a Facebook app of Spotify or in a Spotify built in control.

Also this DJ will have the option for interview someone or delegate his function to another guest of the party.

To prevent this be used as a profitable kind of podcast there would be 3 rules:


1- Users only will have the option to “open the microphone” after of a song ending without background music and only by certain amount of minutes or seconds, being possible buy “on air time”.


2- If the user wants more free talking time will have to accept Spotify listened publicity in the middle of the playlist.


3- The amount of users per playlist may be restricted at certain number, probably 50, and to add more would be required a paid extra amount of guests.e



Updated on 2017-06-15


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