Some small things for Android.

I have been thinking about somethings in Spotify for Android.

The first thing is that the queue seems to be "backwards". When i press queue on a song i want it to be the last song in order, not the first.  I want it to be as it is on Spotify for PC.

The second thing is that spotify crashes randomly sometimes, and it does for some of my friends too.

My phone is not the problem since I've got the Galaxy II.


Also, i would LOVE a pause and play button in the lock screen, and in the pull down-bar so that i can pause the music without having to enter spotify everytime.

I also think it would be nice if you could choose avalible offline for just a single track, not only for the whole playlist.


Thats all from me this time!


I agree. Spotify needs, pause, play, next buttons that work with the lock screen. It needs to work with the native controls provided on stock Android or HTC sense phones. This is a must. Thanks
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+1000 on this! It keeps crashing randomly for me on Galaxy Nexus (ICS 4.0.2).


It would also be nice to be able to mark only certain songs as available offline, and not entire playlists.


Spotify, fix your stuff!


Some more notes:


Spotify for Android closes suddenly after I add or remove a song to my starred list, which is configured as offline.


It's very necessary (at least for me...) a normalize option, as PC version has; it's really annoying to turn the volume knob every song starts.

I really want the option to continue the last song played when starting Spotify. While this wouldn't fix the crash problems this one simple feature would reduce frustration across *all* android platforms.
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I'm getting pretty frustrated with the Android mobile app. It has not changed significantly in a year while they constantly add new features to the PC version. I'd love to see gapless playback, crossfade and artist radio on mobile too, they can't be that hard to port to Android! There's thousands of us demanding these changes and nothing happens. 😞 Luckily the app is pretty stable on my android and only crashes couple times per month, at least.
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The idea here appears to contain four ideas in one if I understand correctly:


  • Reversible play queue
  • Improve crash frequency 
  • Lock screen track control
  • Offline mode for individual tracks

Since the release in Google Play last week, two of these have been implemented or fixed.  Specifically, the crash frequency and the lock screen control.  Heres a picture of the lock screen on my Nexus:




However, the play queue reversibility and offline mode for individual tracks have not been implemented.


In order for us to collect proper voting for this idea, I would suggest creating individual ideas for each of these should you find that they don't previously exist after a quick search of the idea exchange.  Also, check the idea submission guidlines before posting. 


I won't mark this as "implemented" since we haven't implemented two of the feature requests.  However, I won't mark it as "not planned" as a couple were built recently.  Let me know your thoughts.  




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Status changed to: Not Implementable

There's a simple solution while waiting for this.  Just copy all the tracks from the Spotify desktop version of your "Library" folder into a playlist.  You can then shuffle that playlist.  Every so often, dump that new playlist, and recopy everything  from your Library into that that new playlist.  (no need to remember what you previously copied - just redo it every so often)