[Sonos] Playlist Folders

The addition of folders to Spotify was a crucial improvement - it allows you to build up a personalised music library with playlists sorted for example according to genre or artist. But the folder structure has now been removed from the web API. The knock-on effect is that the folders are now no longer visible to Sonos users. 


Like many Sonos users, Spotify is is my principle source of music at home. Personally, I have literally hundreds of playlists organised in folders. However, they now appear in a giant jumbled list. My lovingly-curated music collection assembled over the years has thus become unusable. 


Deezer at least provides an option to order favourite albums alphabetically by title or artist, but even this isn't possible with Spotify.


The removal of the folder structure is a major downgrade in Spotify's service. Please join me in urging Spotify to bring back folders!

Updated on 2018-06-16


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 Yes guys, please add playlist folder support to your Web API so the people that use Sonos can at least use Spotify as it was intended!

Yes, bring them back. Please please please. This is horrible

Yes, the removal of the playlist folders in the Sonos upgrade is a disaster and has rendered both my Sonos system and my Spotify premium account useless.  Please fix or I will have to find a new system for music.  

Casual Listener

Oh my god, I am utterly lost!  This is a serious regression in my opinion. My sonos/spotify setup is now reduced an unusable mess.


I have been enjoying this basic feature, the ability to navigate my playlists in the same way I do on my desktop client, for years now. A simple sonos app upgrade and now its all gone. This is a fault, a regression, a failed release. Its not a new idea, its a balls up. 


Please please fix this. 


I completely agree! I feel strongly about folders and created this site for Spotify: 



Please share around so Spotify gets the message! 


Anyone know anyone at the Verge? 


Ditto...ditto...ditto ALL of the above...


This seems like it should be an easy fix for Spotify.


Add me to the growing list of users utterly lost4 now after the "unpacking" of all my carefully constructed folders into one big mess.


If Spotify just wants me to listen to radio stations....then why do I need to give spotify any more of my money???


Bring back the Folders.,.they are necessary to properly enjoy using the service over Sonos....

Gig Goer

Yes, please, please, please.


My Sonos equipment is now useless to me since I use it pretty much exclusively to listen to Spotify. I don't care (frankly) about the radio stations. I do care about folders.




Completely agree with all of you. I'm seriously considering alternatives to Spotify now that the folders in my Sonos app is gone.


Bring back folders!!!


normally I dont bother to complain online -
but the missing folders for playlists for spotify are a huge problem regarding listening and browsing music.
Its impossible to get an overwiew over a couple of hundred playlists, especially when they were sorted by mood and style before...

Since I posses a whole bunch of Sonos speakers and relied on this folder structure, I somehow feel pranked.
So please put back this folder logic as soon as possible

As there is no thread in germany for this, I post this here - hope its getting its attention


But anyhow, its somewhat redicioulus, that functionality is lowered and here people have to bag to get functions bag? Strange Sonos/Spotify world?