Sort / Filter new Releases by Albums and Singles

It would be great to have an option to sort New Releases by full albums and singles. Sometimes I try to find new albums for longer listening session and it's frustrating to have those single releases among albums. 

When showing both, there could be some sign to clarify if it's an album or a single.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one who looks for new releases, finds a favorite artist, only to find it is ONE song.  Please offer a sort feature to seperate out New Releases by Singles | Albums please.


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I would like a button or selection at the top of new releases to show Albums only vs Singles.  It is really annoying wading through hundreds of singles in the New Releases page when I want to load up albums to listen to for awhile while doing work.  Also, lots of artists game the system by releasing a single every few weeks to stay at the top of the New Releases page.  A filter would make the new releases page much more valuable! 


Great idea! I almost never user the New Releases because of all the singles I don't care of, I want to browse only Albums. Please consider this suggestion.


100% agree.  I don't listen to single songs, and the distinction between the two is really important whether you do or don't.  Not being able to tell at a glance what is an album and what is a single makes the new releases tab feel prohibitively tedious to use if you are looking specifically for one or the other.


Please do this already!!!!!!!!!! it is the most frustrating part of the spotify user experience - now that you won't let me find new albums through pitchfork or another add-on app.



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Agree!!! 🙂 Please make the change!!!
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I'm with all of you! 


I added the following in a different area on the site:


I love checking out the new music that is available but it would be helpful to know if the song/artist I'm choosing has their whole new album available or just the single.  Please allow a way to filter or identify the difference between the two types.





When switching from a competing digital music service to Spotify, this was the most frustrating experience.

I use this service to keep track with new album releases. This is complete usless for me when I have to search through and between all the singels to try to find something that interest me. The other music service I had did of coures split between album- and singles release. I can't imagine why Spotify doesn't do anything with this. If this feauture does not come in short time, I will switch back to the service I had before.




Please! This drives me nuts.