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A feature that I find myself wanting on Spotify is the ability to filter via record label.  I think the record label that has released a particular album should be noted alongside the album title, and clicking on this would bring up other releases on that label.  I'm the type of music fan that finds myself being drawn to certain labels and I think this would be a great feature.

This idea has already been suggested here:

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Excellent suggestion, I definitely think this should be implemented. If you could look at all releases from a label in a similar way to Discogs/Beatport/Juno it could save a lot of searching and also help to discover new music that you are likely to be interested in.


This doesn't make much sense with the big label catalogs, but when it comes to indies, people — myself included — are often almost as much a fan of the label itself as they are of the artists. Also, given some indie labels' hesitance with adopting Spotify, this might prove to be extra incentive as well!

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The problem I have is that when I search for labels, which are obviously in the system, they show no results. Example: Hospital Productions.  There is an album or two there listed under the label, but when I want to find more put out by that label, not even the one that I found comes up in the search. I find Spotify's search engine to be pretty inaccurate and not flexible.


Definitely want this one implemented!

Lots of small labels would benefit from this one as well 🙂

Also, like almsaffr said, it'd be useful to be able to search on labels as well. 

Labels might even get their own page, just as an artist, in the future?

Yes. Labels are the original curators and transcend humanless algos. This is a great idea and should be implemented ASAP.
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You can already search by label:

Here is post from Richard:


Just type: label:[LABEL]


Without the square brackets, of course. Example: Universal



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This idea has already been suggested here:

Add your kudos there - the existing kudos here will be merged soon! 😉