Sorting & Display Options for Playlists on Profiles

With the new redesign, updated today, It's totally uncomfortable to not be able to display on the main screen of the public profile the playlists we have created the same way we organize them in the left column.


A simple example : if as us at, you use to create monthly playlists, it would be logic that the first diplayed to user be the last one created.That's what we could do before the redesign.


Now playlists are displayed in descending order of number of followers. The result is that the display is a total mess mixing playlists old from 1, 2, 3 or 4 years.


Options should be to have a display possible in different orders, and first of all, in an order we can create manually.


Thanks for your attention


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Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated: 2016-04-10


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Marked as new idea and edited the title a bit to make it clearer and easier to find via search.

This idea requests to have sorting options for your public playlists on your profile, instead of just by followers.

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Thanks to mark my request as new idea.


As I use Spotify 'professionally' that would really help.


I fully agree and cannot understand nor stand the fact that Spotify continues to fix what's not broken...

Monthly I publish a playlist which I continuously update with a selection of new music. These lists are popular among my followers and profile visitors, but now they have no way of finding them since Spotify decided that the only thing relevant for these users are my top 50 most popular lists. Why? Why on earth should Spotify decide for me and my followers which playlists to be displayed publicly or not?

Now my followers only can find my popular lists but not any other lists and definitely not my new lists. A list can be old and uninteresting, although being popular, while a new playlist could be the hottest thing out there (but to no availability).


This needs immediate attention.


I want to:


  1. Manually sort the order of how my playlists are listed publicly.
  2. Manually decide which playlists to display publicly (and then have all of them at display).
  3. Manually categorize or position playlists in folders - such as by year, genre etc.
  4. Allow my followers and profile visitors to override my public playlist list order through sorting it by Publishing date, Popularity or Category.
  5. Allow my followers and profile visitors to search/filter my public playlists.

Thank you


Absolutely. The new update completely ruined users' profile pages.


- Recent tracks? Maybe if they were true and were kept updated. My recently listened to tracks are from a month ago. Not to mention that I don't care what my recent tracks played are and could use the wasted space on the top of my profile page on something more relevant.


- One album cover as a playlist icon? Sure, that gives viewers a better visual representation of a playlist's content than the four-up Spotify used to have.


-See above posts for another logical grievance.


-Thanks for taking away the coolest Spotify feature to date that allowed for a listener to revisit the myriad of songs they have added, and whose shuffle functionn made for the best unexpected playlist of all time. The Library. Bring it back.


Also, thanks for Spotify, but stop taking away cool functions and please get someone else on your user interface and aesthetics team. Huge album icons are a waste of space.

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Came here to say this. 
I make a monthly playlist and usually my friends just follow it but now they can't find it because it has 0 followers and doesn't show on my profile. 

I need new playlists to show first - so by date order, not by followers order. 

How will new playlists ever get discovered now? 

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@zoobain I do the same thing! but now it makes no sense because no one can see them anymore. i don't get it! i love spotify and don't even mind the new layout, but the ability to not be able to organize playlist is really odd and counter intuiative.

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to fix this issue ive mad my 100 so playliste secret and im only sharing a few.. This because the new setup makes it completely impossible to find new music.. HIts from the 90' no problem, but not new playlists..


I loove spotify, but the latest design and setupchanges makes me look at other products. Especially the startup in spotify are now extremely slow.. (no i dont have a crappy computer)  not to mention it now harder to find a non suggested friend then finding a cure for cancer.



Spotify: Low memuse, fast startup and easy sharing.. None of these features are available anymore. Youre becomming apple without jobs..


Agreed! It's almost impossible for find playlists anymore.


Hear Hear!!!! FIX this please

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A big step done.


Since today you can display in your public profile your 50 first public playlists in the same order as you range them in your left colum.


It's still limited to 50 BUT at least now you can decide the way you want them to appear to your followers.


Next step more than 50 ? :)