Sorting within Search Results

Bring it back! First you removed the option to do it simply, then you removed the workaround method of typing "spotify:search:" before keywords (which brought up Search Results in the old style, which was A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!)


We want to be able to search by Artist, Album, Popularity and Track Name - REALLY, A SIMPLE REQUEST!


I'm looking into other music apps now, as you DO NOT listen to your community when they've asked you literally thousands of times to bring back the old Filtering system!!


ALSO! In the latest update, we can't even change the size of a freaking column!! How are we supposed to see Album Titles, Artist Names etc!?


Fools!!! Get a clue!

Hello and thanks for the feedback!

Any news regarding this request will be announced in the original idea topic here:

Please add your kudos and comments there, if you haven't already. ;)

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