Speed up songs

Do you recognize the feeling that music sounds better on radio than it does on CD, TV, Mobile etc.?
One of the reasons for this is that radio stations speed up a song with 2,8%.
In my opinion most of the songs I listen to sound better this way.
I would be so happy if there was an (optinal) option to speed up a song with 2,8%.

I know it may sound silly but you should try it. You can try it using Audacity, when you're in Audacity open a song, than go to effects and click on 'change speed'. Than fill in 2,800 and click on OK. Audacity starts to speed up the song, this could take a couple of seconds. Than listen to the song, does it sound better in you're way?

Spotify Legend
Status changed to: Not Implementable
Spotify Legend

Spotify currently plays the tracks as they provided to us, and currently altering these tracks would detract from the original version of the song. If a track sounds faster than it's original recording, it's probably a content error, and we'd be grateful if you'd let us know you find anything like this. 

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There are apps like this on the iphone and android, which interface with itunes etc. They are aimed at musicians, particularly learners, because slowing down a piece while keeping it pitchperfect is very handy obviously. The better ones also transpose the music.


This would be a great app.


Would never use it.


Sorry but why is this not implementable?  Is spotify's official position the heavy handed smug value judgement that  "altering these tracks would detract from the original version"?



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