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Spotify Christmas present?

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Hi everyone,


Spotify has an offer where you will get 3 months premium subscription and only have to pay for one. This is only for new premium subscribers. I think that there should be another offer for existing accounts, because in my opinion it is unfair that I have to pay 3 times 9,99 and if I create a new account, I will only have to pay once 9,99 for 3 months.


What do you think?

Updated: 2015-12-06


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Hi there welcome to the community,


That would be great idea in my opinion, a small christmas present :). I would recommend creating a new idea in the ideas exchange if it hasn't already been submitted by someone else.


Hi @Jordi,


Thanks for replying this quick. Unfortunately I can't post it to the Ideas Exchange because the message is not unique it says. Is there an option to move this topic?


Done 😉 Topic moved to the Ideas Exchange, feel free to modify the idea to your needs.

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This seems to happen with all of the Internet radio providers. All o the emphasis is new subscriptions. What about returning subscriptions? because i paid for Spotify a few years back and stopped for whatever reason, i am never again eligible for a potential deal without making a new account. I find this very frustrating. I get your goal is to make money but why only new subs? You could have 3 deals, one for current subscribers, one for new subscribers, one for returning subscribers. share the love!



If you think about it, There could be many people out there who hate the commercials and would like to get a a month or so on the cheep. Once we get to the end of that subscription, one might bemoan the idea of returning to commercials and start paying the normal price. hook, line, and sinker. (or more likely, forget that its set up by default to auto draft the next month and pay for another few months without realizing it.)


where is


Hi Everyone,


I think it's only fair to pay for what we get. To me, Spotify is the best music source I have by a long shot. The sound quality is really excellent so it's not just quantity of tunes.


Spotify is competing in a market and a great way to get new subscribers is to let them try the product. Think of it like test driving a new car.


It's in all our interests that Spotify does well. Let's support them!


This is an absolute joke. Not only will a majority of these "new" users leave after the 3 month "test drive" but you are also losing loyal customers like myself due to these unheard of marketing practice. I am genuinely displeased with this and looking into other services as we speak. I have been a loyal premium customer for over a year but this has left a very bad taste in my mouth.


Good luck with your "test drives" and "new" users who will leave you in 3 months as opposed to a loyal long time premium customers like myself.




 ^ What he said!