Spotify Connect integration in desktop app interface - play songs on remote device

The ability to use the desktop app interface to play songs (via Spotify Connect) on a remote device, i.e. wireless speakers. Cannot believe this is absent right now, as it seems pretty integral to the whole idea of Spotify Connect (who actually uses their mobile as their primary listening device while in the house?!)


A secondary suggestion would be to add that functionality to the web app also.


Note this is not a duplicate of the feature request at titled "Spotify Connect For Desktop App", which referred to controlling the desktop app via a remote device i.e. the opposite way round, and has now been marked as implemented.

Hi, a similar idea has also been suggested here:
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Spotify Connect for desktop is already implemented. Streaming to your wireless speakers from your desktop is already possible (I'm not sure why it's not listed here on Spotify's websites... I'm sure it is somewhere). Just make sure all devices are connected to the Internet and your Spotify account, then on your desktop client click the Spotify Connect button then select which device you'd like your music to stream to.


You might need to install the open beta client below : 

Mac download:

Windows download:




As for the Spotify Connect for the web player, it's currently being developed.