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Spotify faces these major complaints from the users:


  1. People get their music removed occasionally
  2. 99 SEK is to much for something they don't know if they can listen to.
  3. Spotify mobile don't work perfect.
  4. Many people wonder why they don't can download their songs as MP3 for free even if they still paid for 'unlimted music'.

Here is a proposed solution:


Spotify Discovery Subscription.

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Spotify discovery subscription gives you 20 new downloads per months. Given that every human kind using Spotify, would have no chance to discover and love all 1 000 000 000 songs in the library. If they pay $9 or 99 SEK for hiring that collection a month, they are only given 0,002 % of the value, since you won't like the remaining 98,9% of the collection.

 But the songs/artists people like, is probably loved forever. So why should people pay for something they don't consum?

By a economic perspective, this isl like purchasing a flat rate train ticket that goes all over the world, but nobody are able to travel around the earth so much. Therefore if they only travel between their home and the work and their hobby, they loose the most of the value.

 I got this insight since so soon I realized that my monthly bus city ticket was not the value I given, since I don't travel so much. It sounds sweet to be unlimited travelling, but I don't travel so much. Same goes with the music, an user would probably never love all music of the collection.


So why can't Spotify introduce a mixture of streaming and download. At this price model, people are given 15 track download vouches (or discoveries we could call it) each month. The downloads is MP3 or OGG (by personal preference) and can be used whatever how long their want. E-music has done this for years and it's a great model. But with the streaming model, people can still carefully listen to whole tracks for free, (think of 30 seconds iTunes samples), but their favorites will remain. The price would be 179 SEK or $20, but the 15 discoveries per month will truly make users more control over the music. Are an album gone - they still have their music. The company employees don't need to recieve tons of complains of lost music on the boards (oh yeah, we users don't like it too) and the company will get a better business. I don't think people will discover  more than 20 new favorites per months but stream more 'non-favorites' more times.


You can already try  this business yourself, by purchasing 15 a song bundle per every month to your computer alongside with a spotify unlimited subscription by the means spotify introduced. This buffet 'subscription' will cost you 179 SEK.



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