Spotify In Israel

Hey Spotify team,

I think that Spotify needs to be available in Israel.

I know many people who use Spotify but with VPN.

I think that if Spotify will be available in Israel, 

many people will buy and join the Spotify community.

Cant wait to see you in Israel 🙂

Updated: 2016-07-06
Update: This idea has been reposted again here:



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I want it too!

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I realy love Spotify!!



Casual Listener

1+ for it



spotify will be great in israel!

I love this idea!

hope its works 🙂



PLSS i really looking for this like 3 month plss enable it thanks!

this tool is so amazing thanks if u enable it


Yes! please consider adding your services to Israel, I love Spotify it is a great tool useful and fun, I would love to use it in Israel and even buying a premuim account 🙂


 I'm using Spofity too for more than 1 year now and I can't spot using it tho.


Well, I really wanted to buy the premium account with my credit card but unfortunately I haven't got an American credit card..

So.. I'm still patient.


Please, Launch Spotify © in Israel!




I want it too. Please, Launch Spotify © in Israel!