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I have an idea where the Spotify app for phones can have a "Jukebox" mode where you type in a 4-6 digit pin number to connect to someone who has Spotify running on a computer, so when you're throwing a party or a dance you can add songs to the queue. I suppose something similar can be done with a collaborative playlist, but with a separate mode you can choose to only give your pin to people at the party so people not there can't edit your que, add some sort of democracy system where people can upvote the songs they want to hear most, or have something where the person running the Spotify service can create a playlist that people can vote on which songs they'd like to hear but only out of that playlist (this way you don't have someone playing Rage Against the Machine at a kid's birthday party). It's just an idea that I've had. I've seen one other person post something similar but his suggestion was buried and didn't get enough Kudos.


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darn, I was just thinking of this yesterday. Seems you beat me to it. I'd like to make some further suggestions though:


"you type in a 4-6 digit pin number to connect to someone who has Spotify running on a computer"

Please don't limit it to PC only. I use Spotify on my phone a lot and connect to both my car and bluetooth speakers at home. It'd be great if one device can be the "jukebox" or master control and others can relay music to that device through their own Spotify app - just like we can currently do if we're playing Spotify on another device.


"or have something where the person running the Spotify service can create a playlist that people can vote on which songs they'd like to hear but only out of that playlist (this way you don't have someone playing Rage Against the Machine at a kid's birthday party)."

It'd be nice to integrate a permission system into this - being able to give another Spotify user "moderator" access to your "jukebox". This way, multiple people (say, two parents at a kids party) can moderate the songs playing on the jukebox, rather than relying on one person to do it.


As well as this, I don't think creating a playlist would be the best way. Users should be able to add a song to the queue that they want to hear. If the song is upvoted, it gets bumped up the queue. If it's downvoted, it gets bumped down. If it gets a certain threshold of downvotes (configurable), it could be kicked off the queue.


I'd really like to see this added though 🙂


I wish something like this would come to TVs and media centres like Apple TV etc. I understand that it's not easy to do everything for every platform but using TV as big-screen jukebox would be amazing.

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I love this idea, in fact a year ago I was working on an application called "Enqueue" that would do exactly this!!


I wanted it to be hosted by Spotify but things fell through. The features of our idea can be implemented into Spotify's application as "Party Mode", "Jukebox" "Queue" or any other name similar to the way running mode was added recently. 


Spotify can add a location based collaborative playlist-making mode that is great for hanging out with friends, road trips, parties, and social events. Users will be able to add their favorite songs to a shared playlist within a constantly updating live stream. This provides a solution to the fight over whose music to play in a social setting by providing a way for everyone’s tastes to be given a chance. The playlists will be location based and named by the user whose phone or computer is hooked up to the speakers. Their phone will act as the hub—they create the “queue” and the other users present will link to it  with a code and add the songs of their choice. Everyone can see all the songs that have been added, in order and by whom. From there they can up-vote the songs they would like to hear sooner and like/star the songs they would like to save the title/artist names to look back at later  or add to spotify playlist from within the app.


Users will not be able to see which songs have the most upvotes, nor will they know which song is going to play next, each song will be revealed one at a time. Instead songs that are receiving votes will have some sort of color changing effect that signifies its popularity in a visual way. Based on the song selections and the opinions of the listeners Spotify could also add songs they might like when additions to the playlist slows down.


This would be different from the apps used for updated jukebox products like TouchTunes and RockBot because it is geared towards friend groups and parties rather than for promotional purposes. It is also different from U-verse Jukebox and these products because you only need a smartphone or computer, Spotify and some speakers to play the music (over Bluetooth or through an auxiliary cord).


This app will also be different than 8tracks or other playlist creation apps because playlists will be created collaboratively in the moment


I think there's a conspiracy by Apple and Spotify to repress this type of democratic app.  iTunes DJ did this really well and was discontinued with no explanation and no alternative offered.  PartiQ for Spotify also did this well and was coldly abandoned when Spotify changed their partnership policies and API. for Spotify looks like the latest iteration.  There are a couple other jukebox voting apps for Spotify (qCast, Jukebox, etc.), but they require guests to download apps, which is far from ideal.  With a responsive web interface for guests, Jukestar seem to be on the right path; I hope it survives as it's the only way I even want to use Spotify for my parties. 

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They use to have a couple of add in apps that had this ability. It was a lot of fun. Hope it gets brought back

See "Jukebox for Spotify" app in Google Play and iTunes. Seems to do what you ask... except location is used to secure the jukebox instead of a PIN.

Hey gdogpwns123,


I'm the developer behind a party jukebox app for Spotify called Jukestar. It does basically everything you requested (and almost everything everyone mentioned in the comments).


It is a social jukebox app that allows guests at parties to request, vote and veto. The good stuff gets played, the bad stuff gets skipped and no one can hog the playlist.


Thanks to CasualSoul for mentioning the app back in December.




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I also requested an idea like this a while back which got rejected, but it seems like Jukestar offers basically everything, so I'm gonna check that out. @jimmyl1 any way you could integrate Jukestar to work in conjunction with Pacemaker? That could be a really cool and powerful partnership.


Hey @liquidice13,

Thanks for mentioning Jukestar. Regarding integration with Pacemaker, it could definitely be cool to be able to DJ based on a list of songs guests have requested. In this case it would be worth contacting Pacemaker as they would need to hook into our system.




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