Spotify Mod: Temporary playlist

The ability to create a temporary playlist over an existing playlist... Our playlists have 50+ songs. But we are picky; we want what we want, when we want it! So lets make the ability to pick a few songs in a row that will follow along with the mood of the moment. We can easily do this using an existing playlist as a template.
No more repeatedly trying to find 'that' song while you're on your drive home. You wouldn't have to stop your progress at work just to change the song on your phone because you're not feelin' it.
This convenience and freedom allows us to focus on other things, whether it be driving, school, or work. Freedom equals happiness and this modification would make things easier, more personable, and a lot more fun!
Here's the YouTube video created to give a visual of my idea. 
Check it out and share!!!
Tell me what you think please!
Updated: 2015-06-08


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