Spotify On Xbox

I'm sure loads of people would agree that if Spotify launched a 360 version user numbers would increase dramatically, plus, so would sales if they showed the premium advantage, wouldn't you say?


Although, now with Xbox music, I think that there is practically no chance of this happening :(

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You hit the nail on the head in your post. 

Microsoft will never approve a Spotify application on xbox because they have their own music store. I'm starting to question if they will even allow Spotify on Windows Phone 8 :S



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Yeah... :(


I suppose unless Microsoft got a HUGE amount of money it will never happen...

even then, they won't like Spotify stealing their sales.

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I don't know, if Spotify managed to convince Microsoft to put Spotify as an app that could run in the background, as a perk of being bolth a Xbox Gold Member and Premium Spotify Member the numbers of bolth could potentaly skyrocket on bolth sales, but the Convinceing Microsoft is the key word here. Well its a good idea.



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They allowed Amazon Video and other Pay-as-you-go movie services to XBL. Why would this be any different?


Internet explorer? Wouldn't that work?


No it wouldn't.....Just tried it...Daamn.

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your kudos button has unfortunately been removed, sir. :(



I think its possible we have the example netflix