Spotify Premium available to international credit card!

I know that Spotify isn't yet able to be available worldwide. But at least the Spotify Premium should be!


I live in Brazil and I can't use Spotify Free. I and thousands of people here are interested in paying for Premium service. Why not accept our money? We have an international credit card, we can pay via PayPal!

Many people have to pay a friend who lives in the USA or UK via PayPal and this friend does the Premium subscription.
That is, we can use Spotify Premium, but we have some friend living in any area of operation of Spotify. What is the difference in the end if we can use? The difference is that Spotify complicates the situation of those who are willing to pay.


Please accept international credit cards! We want to pay via PayPal without having a friend as an intermediary.


Spotify doesn't want to get my money?
You are losing many signatures because of this. It's a great idea!

I agree! I know so many friends that really want to pay for Spotify Premium and let's not forget that Brazil is a huge country, with a huge population, and the music business grow more and more every year!
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Hey folks!


Spotify is not available in Brazil. However it's nice place. ;)


When Spotify will launch in Brazil, all folks will be informed here or in Spotify blog. Spotify will do all to be available everywhere as soon as possible. However those agreements aren't easy with local record labels.


Thank you for your interest to use Spotify. I hope you can enjoy Spotify soon officially without need to pay to your friends living in some official Spotify country.





No, no! You are mistaken!

It is available in Brazil but for those who have a premium account (does with a credit card from other country).

My idea is just to accept international cards. 

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Hey CaioCapela!


Spotify is available in 15 countries - USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.


The reason why Spotify can't accept international cards is simple: Spotify is licensed for some countries. And to be able to purchase service, user need a credit card that match fully country where Spotify is available. For example in Finland, nice place where I live, I only can use my finnish credit card. So for example if you travel to Finland with your Brazil credit card and hope for stuff like Spotify, you can't dream about it even without credit card registered to Finland. The local finnish IP is not enough to accept you as customer.


When you, for example ask me to purchase Premium for you with my finnsih credit card, I receive your money and purchase a gift card for you. You receive it in Brazil and activate: you have Premium registered to Finland. You get finnish catalogue of Spotify. So in other words you can only listen all music which Spotify licensed to Finland with local and international record labels.


Spotify isn't available in Brazil in any way. However it's possible to subscribe if you know some folks from one of 15 Spotify launch country.


PS: In Finland and in some other countries you can purchase Spotify gift cards at local stores. Here in Finland at R-Kioski. Those local gift cards can be redeemed everywhere like in Brazil, Japan, China or even in Earth... or Russian Federation or... :)


Ok, I understand you. What a pity!

I'm hoping to be available soon in Brazil. Spotify will profit much here.


A hug and obrigado for attention! ((:

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However this is great idea and really Spotify want to be available everywhere. However it's about time when they get agreements with local record labels to be available in other countries.


But if anyone of you have friends in some countries where Spotify is available, don't hesistate to ask if folks can purchase some Spotify months for a good start with this amazing service.


Spotify could invest in Brazil because it is the best of these streaming services because OiRdio is sad. We want Spotify in Brazil lol

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Unfortunately, Spotify simply cannot do this. Spotify is licensed for certain countries. Permanent residents of each country who are subscribers to Unlimited or Premium can access their Spotify accounts worldwide. However, if we allowed subscriptions using cards registered in any country we would be essentially providing the service in countries where we are not licensed.


Of course, we are hoping to launch in more and more countries just as soon as we can.

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Hey guys please help us here! I've moved from UK to Brazil 4 months ago and i'm going mental without my Spotify!  C'mon let us join the party!